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Hey it's been a couple years, let's do another riddles contest. If you solve the riddles you will be entered in a drawing to win your choice of a Revolution Radio lyric book with CD or a Revolution Radio limited edition red vinyl. The deadline to submit the answers is Sunday, November 20th 11:59PM EST Tuesday, November 22st 11:59pm EST. We'll announce the winner the next day. Here are your riddles:

1. Awesome as fuck or maybe just drunk, I will warm you up for the best live rock act. So many ways to have a good time. Eh oh let’s go, see you at the next tour stop! You will need the 2nd and 4th letters from the last word of my name.

2. The end seemingly marked an explosive return of Christian and Gloria. You will need the 2nd and 7th letters from the overseer of this reunion’s company name.

3. If Red + Green = Dookie and Warning, AI can be found on top while 21st Century Breakdown is on the bottom leaving Insomniac and Nimrod white and yellow. Can you solve me?
You can use the 4th and 6th letters from my title and the 1st letter from my creator's name.

4. Stage 3 completed. Troublemaker unlocked! You can use the 4th letter from the first word and 2nd and 4th letters from the second word of the answer.

5. Hot off the Press! It’s the story of how they conquered the world. You can take the 4th letter from the first word and the 5th and 6th letter from the forth word of this as well as a space from title.

6. The Riverboat Gambler says it’s a safe bet with Fritzie’s Folly, High in the Saddle and CheeseBurger Bill, but Nightly Ghost is a risk to lose it all. “No guts no glory!” Hold on to the bet that may haunt you. You will need the 2nd and 6th letters from the last name of the character the ponies got.

Once you've gathered all the letters, unscramble the letters to spell out the final answer. Shoot us an e-mail at gdacontests@gmail.com with the answer to each riddle along with the final answer to enter. Good luck!

EDITS: The title for riddle 3 now been added to all the locations that the answer can be found.
Deadline changed to Tuesday, November 22st 11:59pm EST.
Riddle 4 was missing a letter. If you have the answer you should also take the 4 letter from the first word. For a Total of 15 letters and a space

Hint #1 for riddle 3: I am on shuffle until solved. 
Hint #2 for riddle 6: Reality: Still Breathing; On the screen: Ha Ha You're Dead (x3)
Hint #3 for the unscramble: "Keep your eyes on the prize"
Hint #4 for riddle 6: Don't get yourself killed figuring out my name. If you do, Jackie won't be able to help and you don't want to be another haunting ghost story.
Hint #5 for riddle 3: You need to solve 54 to see the 6 sides of Green Day.

The contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.
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