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Less than a week ago we unleashed our third Riddles Contest. We would like to thank everyone who participated this year and would like to congratulate Nazmija as our winner. They will choose between a Revolution Radio lyric book with CD or a Revolution Radio limited edition red vinyl. We would also like to congratulate the first winner, Sofia. We'll send you something too! Here is the full list of winners:


If you were curious to what the answers were here they are with an explanation.

1. Awesome as fuck or maybe just drunk, I will warm you up for the best live rock act. So many ways to have a good time. Eh oh let’s go, see you at the next tour stop! You will need the 2nd and 4th letters from the last word of my name.

Answer: Pink Bunny ( N, U)
Procedure: The Pink/ Drunk Bunny is on the cover of awesome as fuck, always comes on before Green Day. “So many ways to have a good time” and “Eh oh let’s go” are lyrics from the songs the bunny uses when on stage.

2. The end seemingly marked an explosive return of Christian and Gloria. You will need the 2nd and 7th letters from the overseer of this reunion’s company name.

Answer: Antoni Sendra AKA Podenco (O,O)
Procedure: If you have watched the new lyric videos, in revolution radio the end has a clip that is a throwback to the 21st century breakdown characters. The overseer was the director and his company name is listed in the youtube description.

3. If Red + Green = Dookie and Warning, AI can be found on top while 21st Century Breakdown is on the bottom leaving Insomniac and Nimrod white and yellow. Can you solve me?
You can use the 4th and 6th letters from my title and the 1st letter from my creator's name.

Answer: Unsolved, Anna (O,V, A)
Procedure: The key words here were solve and creator. Creator indicates it was made by someone and should have lead you to the visitor section of the picture. Solve should have indicated that it was a puzzle of sorts. In the picture vault there is a rubik’s cube with Green Day Album art work. The Title of the piece is unsolved and the creator’s name was Anna.

4. Stage 3 completed. Troublemaker unlocked! You can use the 4th letter from the first word and 2nd and 4th letters from the second word of the answer.

Answer: Angry Birds Green Day
(R, D, I)
Procedure: The stage complete should have indicated that this riddle is about a game. Troublemaker is a Green Day song, thus putting you in the Trilogy era. The game angry birds Green Day unlocked the song Troublemaker when you completed stage 3.

5. Hot off the Press! It’s the story of how they conquered the world. You can take the 4th letter from the first word and the 5th and 6th letter from the forth word of this as well as a space from title.

Answer: Article: Hot Press “Smells Like Green Spirit” ( L, I, T, _)
Procedure: “Hot off the Press” should have lead to the article section as well indicated the publication Hot Press. There is only one Article on GDA by Hot Press. The title of the article is Smells like Green Spirit which was the answer to the riddle.

6. The Riverboat Gambler says it’s a safe bet with Fritzie’s Folly, High in the Saddle and CheeseBurger Bill, but Nightly Ghost is a risk to lose it all. “No guts no glory!” Hold on to the bet that may haunt you. You will need the 2nd and 6th letters from the last name of the character the ponies got.

Answer: Irv Kratser (R,E)
Procedure: This was a tough one, you needed to know you Green Day Trivia. The riddle was based on the TV show Haunted that Billie Joe appeared in. The horses were all horses bet on in the episode and Nightly Ghost lost the final bet. “No guts no glory!” was a line said in the episode and the word haunt was a keyword to reference the series title. Billie Joe played the charater that the Ponies got. Billie called the character the Riverboat Gambler in a recent interview. That character’s name was Irv Kraster.

Final Answer:

After answering the final riddle you should have the following letters: NUOOOVARDILIT_RE

Again we would like to thank everyone for their participation. Let us know what you thought of the contest below!
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