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For a week and a half, Billie Joe has been teasing fans on his Instagram with some interesting tidbits.

Everyone’s depressed ... #thelongshot

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It's become evident that a side project called The Longshot will be releasing its debut album. New music is coming "eventually sooner or later...probably sooner," according to the bio of a cryptic Instagram account that is currently only accepting certain follow requests.

Last night, however, new music did indeed come. Bay Area radio station ALT 105.3 played a full song titled "Love Is For Losers" last night on its Souncheck program. The DJ received the music in the form of a strange box covered in Billie Joe artwork that appeared on the steps of his home. Here's that song:


We aren't yet sure when we'll see the full album. Judging based on the track's catchy garage-rock vibe that Billie Joe has obviously mastered, we're excited. Keep checking our site and social media accounts to stay up to date!
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