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From Basket Case with entirely different lyrics to dog poo bags, there's so much coming that it's hard to take it all in. We'll start with the physical items.

Vinyl: six-LP box sets and baby blue vinyl

There are two vinyl box sets: one on black vinyl and a special edition on, well, Dookie-coloured vinyls, both $175 each. They also include those dog poo bags, a poster, colouring page, button badge set, magnets, a postcard, bumper sticker, air fresheners and a paper plane – all Dookie-themed, of course. Here's a close-up look at the included merch:

The box sets feature intros by producer Rob Cavallo and music critic Bob Mehr, known for writing Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements.

There's also this singular baby blue vinyl, which can be purchased separately for $25 or as a "fan pack" with the t-shirt for $55.

CDs: four-CD box set

Again, all box sets offer the same audio. The CD one includes a 48-page book, button badge set, air freshener, magnet and two stickers. It's $50. A closer look at the extras:

Like the vinyl box sets, this one also features intros by producer Rob Cavallo and music critic Bob Mehr.

Apparel: t-shirts, a vest, cap, hoodie, thermal shirt and sweater

If your wardrobe isn't already full of Green Day stuff (calling myself out here), there's plenty to choose from. The shirts start at $30 and the most expensive item is the chore vest for $120.

Other bits and bobs: a dog bowl, bandana and numbered poster

If you love the Dookie artwork, you might want one of only 500 numbered, 18" x 24" posters. They're $50 each. Your own dog can even get its own Dookie bowl for $40. The bandana is $25 (and should probably be in the apparel section, but I already stuck it on the picture above).

Now onto the music!

There'll be six lots of music to enjoy: the original Dookie album, four-track demos, cassette demos, outtakes, the infamous Woodstock performance and an unreleased live performance from a club show in Barcelona, 1994.

So, we already know what's on the Dookie album, but let's have a look at the others.

Four-track demos

  1. Burnout

  2. Chump

  3. Pulling Teeth

  4. Basket Case

  5. She

  6. Sassafras Roots

  7. When I Come Around

  8. In The End

  9. F.O.D.

  10. When It’s Time

You can already listen to these on Green Day's YouTube channel. The demo of Basket Case even features completely different lyrics about a couple! Billie Joe originally wrote it on drugs, decided he didn't like those lyrics and rewrote it while having a panic attack. Now we can hear the original.

Cassette demos

  1. When I Come Around

  2. Basket Case

  3. Longview

  4. Burnout

  5. Haushinka

  6. J.A.R.

  7. Having A Blast

Dookie outtakes

  1. Christie Road

  2. 409 In Your Coffeemaker

  3. J.A.R.

  4. On The Wagon

  5. Tired of Waiting for You

  6. Walking The Dog (demo)

Live at Woodstock

  1. Welcome to Paradise

  2. One Of My Lies

  3. Chump

  4. Longview

  5. Basket Case

  6. When I Come Around

  7. Burnout

  8. F.O.D.

  9. Paper Lanterns

  10. Shit Show

Live in Barcelona

  1. Welcome to Paradise

  2. One of My Lies

  3. Chump

  4. Longview

  5. Burnout

  6. Only of You

  7. When I Come Around

  8. 2000 Light Years Away

  9. Going to Pasalacqua

  10. Knowledge

  11. Basket Case

  12. Paper Lanterns

  13. Road to Acceptance

  14. Dominated Love Slave

  15. F.O.D.

  16. Christie Road

Everything for sale can be found in Green Day's official store.

So how is everyone feeling about all this? Excited? Planning to buy everything? Can't justify buying any of it (me)? Discuss it with other fans on the Green Day Community forum.
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