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In case you somehow missed it – doubtful if you're reading GDA – Green Day's brand new album, Saviors, is out everywhere now. Fans at last night's record release show in New York City heard the live debuts of One Eyed Bastard and Bobby Sox, as well as some deep cuts like Stuart and the Ave. and Warning. Here's the full setlist:

  1. American Idiot

  2. Look Ma, No Brains!

  3. The American Dream Is Killing Me

  4. Dilemma

  5. One Eyed Bastard

  6. Bobby Sox

  7. 1981

  8. Burnout

  9. Longview

  10. Welcome to Paradise

  11. She

  12. Holiday

  13. Boulevard of Broken Dreams

  14. Letterbomb

  15. Minority

  16. 2000 Light Years Away

  17. One of My Lies

  18. Stuart and the Ave.

  19. Christie Road

  20. Brain Stew

  21. St. Jimmy

  22. Warning

  23. Revolution Radio

  24. Basket Case

  25. Homecoming

  26. Whatsername

And here are a few more pictures:

Were you at the show? Are you enjoying Saviors? Share your thoughts on the album and each song on the Green Day Community forum:

  1. The American Dream Is Killing Me

  2. Look Ma, No Brains!

  3. Bobby Sox

  4. Dilemma

  5. 1981

  6. Goodnight Adeline

  7. Coma City

  8. Corvette Summer

  9. Suzie Chapstick

  10. Strange Days Are Here To Stay

  11. Living In The '20s

  12. Father To A Son

  13. Saviors

  14. Fancy Sauce

  15. Fever (Japanese bonus track)

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