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[newsImage]062910_johng.jpg[/newsImage]Recently did a excellent interview with John Gallagher, the lead actor Jesus of Suburbia, in Green Day's hit musical American Idiot. In the interview they cover a vast number of topics from what it was like collaborating with the band on the show to a possible John Gallagher appearance on the TV show Glee.
[quote]Q: There's no intermission in American Idiot, and you're on stage for the majority of the show. How are you holding up?
A: I've never had to work this hard on anything I've attempted to do on stage. It requires a lot of discipline, and I don't have a life outside of it, but that's a price I'm happy to pay. People say, "You must be living it up like a rock star, you're in this hit show!" But no, I have to do the show every night, and that's all I have the energy for.[/quote]
You can read the full article over on by clicking here.
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