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When Green Day announced a special secret show at the House of Blues in Anaheim, most expected a similar setlist to their recent Irving Plaza show with maybe a few deep cuts thrown in. To everyone's surprise, the band performed their new album Saviors in its entirety, along with some Dookie and American Idiot cuts.

Along with the live debuts of "Coma City," "Fancy Sauce," Corvette Summer," and "Goodnight Adeline," the band dusted off deep cuts "Give Me Novacaine" for the first time since 2017 along with "She's a Rebel" and "Extraordinary Girl" for the first time since 2005. Fans were even treated to Tre taking the stage to perform "All By Myself."

Fortunately, for those of us who couldn't score a ticket, many of the performances were captured on video. Check out some of our favorites below.


1. American Idiot
2. Saviors (live debut)
3. The American Dream Is Killing Me
4. Look Ma, No Brains!
5. Bobby Sox
6. One Eyed Bastard
7. Dilemma
8. 1981
9. Goodnight Adeline (live debut)
10. Coma City (live debut)
11. Corvette Summer (live debut)
12. Suzie Chapstick (live debut)
13. Strange Days Are Here To Stay (live debut)
14. Living In The '20s (live debut)
15. Father To A Son (live debut)
16. Fancy Sauce (live debut)
17. Burnout
18. Chump
19. Pulling Teeth
20. Coming Clean
21. She
22. F.O.D.
23. Give Me Novacaine (first time since 2017)
24. She's A Rebel (first full band performance since 2005)
25. Extraordinary Girl (first full band performance since 2005)
26. Letterbomb
27. Homecoming
28. Whatsername


29. All By Myself
30. Minority

Which Saviors track do you want them to play on tour? Were you at this special show? Let us know on the Green Day Community forum!
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