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Logo, KROQ

By Tyke /Jan. 6, 2006 / Comments
"We'll start with silence and that's how we'll be able to find the inspiration to find another record" (Billie Joe on the new album)

Edit: The forum is back online

Green Day made serveral mentions on KROQ's 2005 top 106.7 with:
1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
8. Holiday
14. Jesus of Suburbia
25. Wake Me Up When September Ends
41. American Idiot

Mediabase also announced Green Day the most played artist of the year. There are many many more 'best of 2005' awards Green Day won..but i wont bore you now.

A note about the logo contest. After seeing several of the entries, i want to remind you that you are trying to make GDA a logo. Not a banner, or a graphic. We don't want 7 of Green Day's logos in a pretty compilation. We want our own, distinct logo.
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