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Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville, FL
December 01, 1995
Other Acts:
The Riverdales
  • Incomplete setlist
  • Roxann Grace: "I won tickets on the radio. Free tickets to the first person who could name any Green Day album besides Dookie and Insomniac. Gee, tough one. Needless to say, I won. Problem was, the tickets were for a show that was two hours away, and I was like 12 at the time. So me and my non-Green-Day-liking friend went, and arrived early. Green Day came on, and opened with Brain Stew. Show was awesome. Billie Joe stopped after the second song or so, and asked that some of the spotlights be turned off because he couldn't see the crowd. They were turned off, and Mike said, 'Ew. Turn them back on. They're ugly.' It was really cute. Billie Joe sprayed water on the crowd and spit at us several times, once landing right on my arm. (I've got a respiratory infection two days later but since he didn't have one, I guess I've got it from my brother). They played Paper Lanterns and the only ones singing along were me and really cute guy who stood next to me the whole time (my friend thought he was ugly, but I like goofy-looking guys). They closed with 86, and as we were leaving (I, trudging sadly, clutching my new Insomniac t-shirt with spiffy artwork), some dumb chick said, 'Great! Now I'm gonna have 86 in my head all night!' I said, 'Jesus, you just saw an awesome show, and you're complaining!' I think she called me a bitch. Then I talked to the hot guy and found out he was 20. So there goes that dream out the window. And that was the end of my night with Green Day."
Photos from Jacksonville, FL
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1. Brain Stew
2. Paper Lanterns
3. 86
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