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Festival Hall in Melbourne, VIC
February 10, 1996
Other Acts:
The Living End
  • Damien: "I booked a ticket to Melbourne and was on my way to see Green Day at Festival Hall. For those interested, the support was The Living End (who were great, by the way). Green Day's show was OK at best. Tired of being surrounded by kids who didn't care about punk but only cared for the hits, I was disappointed in the lack of pre-Dookie songs that were played and the fact that when they were played, the crowd stopped moving and seemed stunned over these songs they didn’t know. I walked away feeling a little flat, to put it mildly. I then went to some party of some band that I didn't know and spent the night on the floor by a drum kit. But that's another story entirely."
  • "The number of people who attended was amazing, considering the hall was not very big. My friends and I arrived early so we had definite front row positions. Beforehand, while in line, theses girls came running up and screaming that they had gotten a lift to the venue with Green Day. No one really paid much attention to them as it turned out they weren't even fans of theirs. They
    exaggerated a lot too, because when they were telling everyone within hearing distance, they contradicted themselves one too many times! The support act, The Living End, were absolutley brilliant. There were rumours that Billie Joe was in the crowd watching them but I didn't believe it because halfway through the Living End's set, Billie himself stuck his head out from behind a curtain at the back of the stage. It didn't take long for people to notice him, so Billie quickly moved behind the curtain again. While waiting for Green Day to start, a number of us discussed what hair colour the other members would have. As we were placing bets, the show started. They proved to be a great entertainers as well as being very amusing. I was fortunate enough to be standing right in front of Mike, the coolest guy on the planet. Billie kept everyone laughing with his strange affection for his water bottle, using it as a phallic symbol and proceeding to give himeself head with it. Tre pulled a guy onstage and ordered him to strip for the crowd, although he couldn't get him past the underwear! Mike was extremely hospitable. As due to the hot weather, many were feeling fairly exhausted, so Mike tipped a bucket of icy water on us. I also managed to convince a lesser Green Day fan to give me Mike's illustrated pick as I didn't manage to catch any he threw out into the crowd. One bad thing was the huge amount of 12 year old kids who knew the words to only one song (I think we all know which one). Despite that, the show was incredible. They played heaps of their old stuff, which was good and made everyone go completely wild! I could go on forever about this, so I'll just say it was worth every cent!"
Photos from Melbourne, VIC
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