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Embassy Music Hall in Orlando, FL
November 05, 1997
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  • The Slant: "I've never seen the Embassy that full for a concert before. With ages ranging from about 10 into the thirties, from Barbie Doll to Goth, I was quite taken aback by the range of aficionados who are attracted to Green Day's melodic punk (if that isn't a contradiction in terms). Perhaps that's why the band only appeared for 45 minutes or so, lights up at 10:15 to get the minors into bed. Who the hell ever heard of a rock concert finishing at that sort of a time? It might have had something to do with the inordinate number of comfy tour buses outside - one for each group member? Still, for the brief time that Billie Joe Armstrong and crew - in that classic three part rock combo of lead/rhythm, bass and drums - deigned to appear on stage, they ripped with great gusto into a full spectrum of their discography, with the more radio-friendly numbers like 'When I Come Around' naturally raising the crowd to more frenzied levels. Even the security seemed pretty mellow, not really tearing into the moshpitters when, borne aloft, they careened over the crowd's heads in an attempt to ascend the stage and dive headlong back into it while not encountering a black hole of nothingness. Frontman Billie - a chunky hulk of manhood - kept the masses entertained with the rather alarming habit of spitting great globules of goo into the air and then attempting to catch them again, mouth agape. More subtly, all of his guitars were adorned with the letters 'BJ'; a double entendre on his initials? Bassist Mike Dirnt took it upon himself to spray the crowd with beer after the show, no doubt endearing him to many parents come wash day. The only question was what the hell you do after getting your energy level up so high - home in bed by 11 with a cup of hot cocoa? Yeah, right."
  • "...The speakers played Whip It by Devo really loud and everyone thought that sounded like a introduction to the band. People were yelling and screaming. Billie went straight into the Going To Pasalacqua. It ruled - everyone was singing along! A mosh pit was all over the place and I was forced into it! They started playing Welcome To Paradise. Then goes Geek Stink Breath and Burnout. BJ said that the next song was new and it was called Nice Guys Finish Last. After that, they went into a kickass version of Hitchin' A Ride - bassline was great! Then The Grouch! During that a fight broke out and the security guards took 'em out. One chick climbed this poll and jumped from it hoping for someone to catch her but no one did, I was like no way! She must of been hurting. So after that they went into Chump and, obviously, Longview. Billie took two shirts, wrapped them around his head and sang a couple of lines from The Beautiful People. They finished Longview and went into Brain Stew. Billie Joe said when he strikes a string crowd gotta do a fist chant in the air and after that they got into Jaded! During the song Billie told some guy to stop touching this girl's butt. Few minutes later he said it to the guy again, because the girl didn't appreciate the guy doing that, so then the guy kept on doing it. Girl tried pushing him away and Billie Joe put down the mic and started yelling at the guy and guard went over and talked to the guy. He said, 'You know, we came here to have fun, not to get the stones moving in your pants!' Then Basket Case! They left the stage for about 3 to 5 minutes, and came back because everyone was yelling, 'Green Day!' Mike came out throwing water on everyone! And Tre went back to the drums. Billie Joe said, 'OK! What song should we do?' People wanted the band to play Christie Road and Billie was like, 'Are you really want me to do that? Are you all sure? Ladies pick!' So he played Christie Road. Then he said the next song is Knowledge! During the song Billie said, 'Is there anyone here who can play guitar?' Nearly everyone was like, 'I do, I do!' He found one guy and said, 'I hope you know how to play guitar man, because if you don't these people are gonna kick your ass.' And he gave his guitar to him. The guy did pretty good! After the song he said okay, you ain't gonna get out of this easy, so he made the guy crowd surf! Then there was 2,000 Light Years Away and F.O.D. During the song he got on the ledge of the stage where everyone could see him and teased some of 80's hair metal songs. After that they went into a very long version of Paper Lanterns! During the song he was just messing around, spitting in the air and catching it back in his mouth! Then,. to finish the night off, they went into Prosthetic Head. During the end of the song they had the beat going still and he said, 'Get the fuck out, get the fuck out!'"
Photos from Orlando, FL
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1. Going To Pasalacqua
2. Welcome To Paradise
3. Geek Stink Breath
4. Burnout
5. Nice Guys Finish Last
6. Hitchin' A Ride
7. The Grouch
8. Chump
9. Longview
10. Brain Stew
11. Jaded
12. Basket Case
13. Christie Road
14. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
15. 2,000 Light Years Away
16. F.O.D.
17. Paper Lanterns
18. Prosthetic Head
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