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The Murat Shrine, Egyptian Room in Indianapolis, IN
November 23, 1997
Other Acts:
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  • Karla: "When I found out that Green Day was coming to Indiana, I just about jumped out of my skin. I quickly called and bought tickets for me and my boyfriend. Well, November 23 quickly came, and about four hours before the show my friend CJ calls and wants to know if I knew anyone with a ticket to sell. I laughed, and said, 'The show's sold out!' But he ended up going with us anyway and finding a scalper to sell him a ticket for $25. We entered the Egyptian Room, at the Murat, only to find our friend Steve. So that was our group. Halfway through Superdrag's act my boyfriend finds his good friend Rob, here's another person to hang with. OK. Anyways, Green Day takes the stage and the whole place starts jumping, moshing, singing, and frequently smoking. Everything's going great when all of the sudden Billie Joe decides that he doesn't want to finish playing guitar for Knowledge. What happens? He starts asking the crowd if anyone knew how to play guitar. Of course, every idiot in the front had their hand up. But, after finding a bunch of amateurs, Billie Joe finds Rob, asks, 'How long have you been playing?' Rob spits out, '10 years.' Billie brings him on stage and has Rob finish the song while he sang. It was pretty cool. They finished the concert, so Rob gets a hair up his ass and decides that since he played guitar, he should get to meet the band. The guard said OK and that he could bring a few friends, but it never happened. Oh well! Our little group, excluding Rob because he went home, decided to take a look at Green Day's tour bus (hoping to catch them on their way out). After a while it got cold, so my boyfriend and I decide to go home. CJ decides to have Steve take him home so they wanted to wait longer. Well, the next day in school I found out that 5 minutes after we left, Green Day came out and CJ and Steve got autographs for their tickets and a set of drumsticks. That sucked for me, but I enjoyed the show and had a great time anyways."
Photos from Indianapolis, IN
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1. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
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