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First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN
November 26, 1997
Other Acts:
  • Incomplete setlist
  • Josh: "Green Day – Thanksgiving Eve, 97? Had the time of my life!"
  • Andrian Hopkins: "Green Day | 11-26-97 | 88 min | VG+ | First Avenue"
  • "Green Day came out after awhile, and I was in the very front row, being slammed against a metal bar, but I didn't care. I was right in front of Mike Dirnt. The concert kicked ass, they were so energetic and looked like they were having tons of fun. At the end, Mike and Tre smashed up everything, while Billie stood on the side and played. Mike and Tre ran away, and Billie played Good Riddance, and they were done. I talked to a roadie, and he said that Green Day would be going out to their bus right away, so my friends and I went out there. Now this is Minneapolis, and it was like 15 degrees out. I was soaking wet from the beer Mike sprayed on the crowd, and the water from the security dudes, and the sweat from the crowd, so my hair froze stiff. I have never been that cold in my entire life; we were all shaking uncontrolably (I only had a sweatshirt on). After an hour of freezing our asses off, we saw Billie Joe walk off the bus. There was about 10 people around him, and we went over there. He was signing autographs, and he was being really cool. He would answer questions, and he was taking pictures with people. He seems like a really sincere person. Then we were looking at the bus, and Mike waved at us. In like 10 seconds, he came running out and said, 'Hey! It's my front row girls!' Then he gave me and my friends a big group hug. There were a couple of other people there, but it seemed he was talking to us the most. I asked him some stuff. I found out he has capral tunnel. He hugged us more, just for being in the front row the whole time. He took pictures with other people and then he realized how cold we all must have been. He took our hands and warmed them up for us, he is such a fucking awesome guy. He signed autographs, and then said he had to go. He gave every one there a last hug, and got on the bus with Billie."
Photos from Minneapolis, MN
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1. F.O.D.
2. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
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