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Beale Street Music Festival, Tom Lee Park in Memphis, TN
May 03, 1998
Other Acts:
Samiam, Paula Cole, Ben Folds Five, Chris Knight, Ziggy Marley, Daddy Mack Blues Band, Toni Lynn Washington, Preston Shannon, Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Rufus Thomas, The Chism Brothers, The Violinettes, Kevin Davidson & The Voices, Rev. Andrew Cheairs & The Songbirds, The Gospel Four, Bobby Jones & The Nashville Super Choir, Neckbones, Wobitty, Saliva, Kelley Hurt, The Riverbluff Clan, Jimbo Mathis and his Knockdown Society, Rao Kyao, Antonio Chainho, Filipa Pais, Fre Fado Díel Rei
  • "I go to the Beale Street Music Festival once a year for one day. They always happen to have at least one band that I enjoy listening to. Well, I walk in see Samiam playing and I go, 'What the heck?' It just so happens that they are playing on the same stage that Green Day will in an hour. I go and listen to them, and, believe me, they kick. Well, around 9:10 Green Day comes out. They open up with Nice Guys Finish Last, followed by Hitchin' A Ride and The Grouch. Billie Joe likes to interact with the crowd, I noticed. They continued playing. It was a pretty good show. He even brought out an Ernie doll that you can see on the back cover of Dookie. Green Day kicks!"
  • Tre Cool: "This tour is like a camping trip. When we played at the Beale Street Festival, we stole golf carts as usual. Beale Street is like a big old party in the heart of Memphis, and there were about a million police all over the place. We took golf carts from the river up to Beale Street through public streets, which is a good mile, with open beers in our hands. We were all driving the golf carts in the lanes where the cars should go until some cops saw us and pulled us over. As this was happening, I accidentally crashed the cart I was driving with Jason from Samiam (who are touring with GREEN DAY) in the passenger seat into a really high curb. The cops then tell us, "We pulled you over 'cause we just wanted to get a picture with y'all.' So basically, as the cops were pulling us over, we crashed into a ditch in a stolen golf cart–drinking and holding open containers in our hands. But instead of busting us, the cops helped us pull the golf cart out of the ditch and sent us back onto the public road – on our merry way – with our stolen golf cart and our beers. We're above the law. GREEN DAY ABOVE THE LAW: Headline."
Photos from Memphis, TN
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1. Nice Guys Finish Last
2. Hitchin' A Ride
3. The Grouch
4. 2,000 Light Years Away
5. The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson cover) / Longview
6. Welcome To Paradise
7. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (The Blue Grass Boys cover)
8. Brain Stew
9. Jaded
10. Paper Lanterns
11. Basket Case
12. She
13. Iron Man (Black Sabbath cover)
14. Redundant
15. Scattered
16. Platypus (I Hate You)
17. King For A Day
18. Prosthetic Head
19. When I Come Around
20. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
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