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NCO in Karlsruhe, Germany
August 19, 1998
Other Acts:
  • Incomplete setlist
  • pogopop: "The place was kind of tiny, it could hold up to 400 people comfortably. My position was always that of the first row to the left, in front of BJ. We arrived very early, around 5pm, during Green Day's soundcheck. For 5 minutes alone I have witnessed the spectacle of the band playing just for me (Stuck With Me and Nice Guys Finish Last) ... only that the security saw me and asked me to go outside. During the concert Terrorgruppe joined Green Day to perform Ramones' Blitzkrieg Bop! What a thrill! People went crazy, everyone jumped, and sang pogavano. I think it was a unique opportunity! Billie Joe chose a fan named Andreas, to play Knowledge and Stuck With Me. He was really great, although when he was asked to do a stagedive, he failed to do so and just fell off. The club was stifling from the heat because there was no ventilation. Billie gave us water bottles to quench our thirst and jumped off the stage and offered Lorenzo a beer ('this is just for you!') and kissed us. I had a slight fever and took a pill that made me drowsy. After the show, when I had the chance to meet BJ whom I wanted to meet for 5 years (thanks Max, Terrorgruppe's roadie) I was completely destroyed. I felt stupid. I was so excited and had a lot of questions to ask him. But I only could come up with 2 or 3 words in English."
Photos from Karlsruhe, Germany
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1. Stuck With Me (Soundcheck)
2. Nice Guys Finish Last (Soundcheck)
3. Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones cover)
4. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
5. Stuck With Me
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