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Top Of The Pops, BBC Television Centre in London, England
November 06, 2005
  • Recordings for this show can be found here
  • Sharon Mitchell: "Sunday was wet and cold, but nothing could upset us – me, my husband and the forty or so GD fans in the queue outside BBC studios in Shepherds Bush, mixed with the regular assortment of music fans. We were finally let in, and one of us asked when Green Day would be performing – only to be told that our tickets for the 12.00 filming would not get us in to the private, invited audience only show at 7.00 that evening. We were also told that if any of the guests didn’t show up, those in the front of the line would most likely get in. We all rushed for the door and started queuing again in the rain, leaving the BBC with a very small audience for the rest of the programme! At about three, the band came out onto the tiny outdoor stage, just visible through the BBC’s gates, and warmed up with Minority and JOS, waving to us out on the pavement through the fence – and then, when they went in, another miracle happened. A woman from Warners came out and told us that the boys had instructed her to let all of us in. Every last one of us. We stood on the barrier. We got showered with confetti, we got roasted by the flamethrowers, soaked and chilled by the rain, but Billie noticed me, and Mike gave me a double thumbs-up and wink and if you pause the BBC video, for the tiniest amount of time, we were visible in the crowd of around 200 and that made it all worth it. There was a strict no photos rule, but I bought two disposable cameras from the local supermarket and managed to snap some grainy images to remember the day. Billie checked out every face in the front row between songs, doing a double-take when he spotted me. He looked shocked – I was more than twice the age of the rest of the fans and had purple hair. I pointed to my arm, to the place where Billie has his 'ALL AGES' tattoo and he nodded, laughed and smiled at me. During one of the later songs, Mike had a rest of a couple of bars, and he looked straight at me – that’s when I got the full Dirnt charm offensive and I fell head over heels in love with these lovely men. They played eleven songs – Minority, JOS, Letterbomb, Are We The Waiting/St Jimmy, Give Me Novacaine, She’s a Rebel, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Longview, Welcome to Paradise and finished with I Fought the Law. And I noticed that they played with as much enthusiasm as they had at Milton Keynes. THAT’s why they are the best live band on the planet. They always give the max to anything they do."
Photos from London, England
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1. Minority
2. Jesus Of Suburbia
3. Letterbomb
4. Are We The Waiting
5. St. Jimmy
6. Give Me Novacaine
7. She’s A Rebel
8. Wake Me Up When September Ends
9. Longview
10. Welcome To Paradise
11. I Fought The Law (The Crickets cover)
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