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Brock Roller Rink in Kamloops, BC
May 08, 1992
Other Acts:
The Smalls, Sineater, Les Petits
  • Jeff Bone: "Green Day at a closed down roller skating rink in Kamloops BC circa 1992. There were 36 of us there at most but one of the best shows I’ve ever been to."
  • ‎Nat Green: "Green Day at the roller rink in Brock (Cellblock). They said on Much Music years later, that was their favorite concert ever. I was on the cover of the Daily News stage diving."
  • Trudy Stonehouse: "I remember this one for sure (Kate? Jen?). We stayed. Soon after Green Day was on Much Music and mentioned 'Big Todd' from Kamloops. You can't look at some of these posters without thinking about 'Big Todd'."
  • John Suggitt: "So funny. Most left after The Smalls and didn't see Green Day. I bet they all say they were there and loved it now. Tre Cool hiding under the van? And then riding Kim's motorbike? Billie comparing tattoos with Jaret? (His self-done sewing needle... Ouch and stuff.)"
  • GDFanTP: "Amazingly enough, I have a friend who gave this gig poster to me, it is from '92 and is the only one I have ever seen, and it isn't anywhere online. My friend pulled it off the wall of the gig which just so happened to be in the same city I live in now (Kamloops, BC, Canada). They played with The Smalls this gig, must have been such a rad show."
  • ‎Floss Slanderbum‎: "Here's my 2 cents - the show that Green Day played at that roller rink out in Brock was killer! About 800 people packed 'er in for Sineater, The Smalls and Green Day. Everyone was there to see The Smalls, they tolerated Sineater and then WENT OFF for Les Petits, then - oh yes this is the best part - about 500 hundred people left after The Smalls finished not realizing they were missing a band that would soon become a household name. Softboy (aka Todd A. RIP) put that one together, awesome."
  • reneerenee1: "What is good! Probably won't remember, but we got tottaly shitfaced on wine in Kamloops, BC around 1992. We started chanting after the show and I told you I had gone to a show at a Chinese restaurant in San Jose, but you guys never showed up. You couldn't believe it because you said that was the only show you guys missed because your van broke down on the freeway. Anyways, we ended up drinking several bottles of red that I brought. I thought it was weird to ask a punk rocker if he liked wine (I worked as banquet waiter and literally had a box with nine wine bottles with me) but you were pumped and said you loved wine. We then got pretty shitty and for some reason you decided that you were going to come and crash at my crib in Kelowna (in my grandma's basement) but the rest of the guys kept saying you needed to be in Calgary, not Kelowna. You were pretty determined to come and drink more wine in Kelowna until Tre basically pleaded with me to tell you that you had to go... Although you seemed upset (def. the wine) but you gave me a hug and ended up driving off. I have never been able to let you know what that meant as a 19 year old kid getting to drink wine with a hero! Thank you for that and it still blows my mind how much success you guys have earned. And deservedly so. From getting spit on stage to kicking it with your fans you deserve everything you have. Thank you for shaping my life! I still love my wine!"
Photos from Kamloops, BC
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