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Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA
February 19, 1994
Other Acts:
Tilt, Los Cordos, Ground Round
  • Incomplete setlist
  • Erik Michaelsen: "Green Day just got video play on MTV. Again, the Phoenix Theater. Amazing show."
  • SPIN: "Inside, far more comments were directed at Green Day than Kurt Cobain. The accusations were numerous; that no one on a major label could be considered 'independent' or 'alternative'; that the success of Green Day exploited the volunteer labor of people within the scene; that 'each band from the punk scene that signs to a major label has sold us out,' particularly bands like Green Day, who by selling 50,000 copies on an indie label like Lookout could support numerous other bands with the profits; that, in the words of Brian Zero, organizer of an anti-Green Day protest in Petaluma, 'if they want to call a band like Green Day 'pop-punk,' we can call Green Day the next Billy Idol.'"
  • Gabe Meline: "As pointed out in my music column in this week’s Bohemian, the last time Dirnt played the Phoenix with Green Day, right after signing to Warner Bros., there was a group of protesters out front calling themselves the 'punk police.' I wasn't one of them. Instead, I was hanging around behind the theater with Billie Joe, playing one of Green Day’s new songs I’d taped from the Gilman soundboard back to him on a borrowed guitar. Except I’d written new lyrics for the entire song: 'I'm not bein' punk / I'm just sellin' out,' I sang to him, to the tune of Burnout. He winced. And laughed, sorta, when I finished the song. I was only trying to exaggerate and thus mock the ire of the 'punk police' - and later that night, while playing Burnout at the Phoenix, he got to the chorus and sang the same lines, about not bein' punk and just sellin' out. I knew he still had a sense of humor."
Photos from Petaluma, CA
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1. Burnout
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