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Red Dog in Santa Barbara, CA
February 23, 1994
Other Acts:
Tilt, Popsicko
  • Jodese Brown: "Green Day - 1994 at the Red Dog Saloon when it was the Red Dog. It's been a ton of biz before & after."
  • risorl_oneri: "I'd like to say that I was happy when they got signed, but I wasn't. By the time they were getting mega-huge and coming back to town, I was running the 'other' club in town putting on NoMeansNo. The monthly flyer I had up at the club said, 'March 23rd - NoMeansNo (Green Day!)' which caused a big hoo-hah. The owners of the other club wanted my blood, because by the time they heard about this very small text, it had turned into a banner across the city gates saying 'Green Day, come to the NoMeansNo show!' We settled it all eventually. Now that I'm older, have bills to pay, etc. I really can't say anything bad about Green Day. They're great songwriters, stellar performers, and good guys. They absolutely worked their asses off, and really took it as far as they could in the indie world before breaking it big. In short, they paid their dues - so more power to them."
  • Marko DeSantis: "This was at the dawn of their commercial breakthrough album Dookie that would shortly thereafter launch them on the game-changing, generation-defining superstar trajectory they've been on ever since (I'm attending their stadium show this very weekend at the Rose Bowl!) Green Day had already been playing our hometown for years; I was an early fan and saw them countless times. I suppose we were lucky that geographically SB was an easy tour date on the way to or from their homebase up in The East Bay. They traveled in a tricked-out decommissioned Bookmobile that their drummer's dad occasionally drove; they played free shows at DIY punk spaces like the Red Barn; at the record shop upstairs from a venue (they were too small back then to justify playing in the actual club!); they opened for Lagwagon and partied with us at our friends' place down the street afterwards (in fact, I think they still owe that guy for breaking his CD player that night!)"
Photos from Santa Barbara, CA
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