House in Hope Valley, RI
July 18, 1990
  • Aaron Cometbus: "3 days of wild abandon, drunken stupor and Saran Man. Woken up on the 3rd day by the roar of chaisaw + chickens in the bed. Great clam cakes, fried squid, and canoening, too!!!"
  • XxRedundantCastaway86xX: "Green Day played at my future wife's English teacher's house in South County, RI. Supposedly the entire house got wrecked: holes in the walls, broken furniture, etc. I guess that's what happens when Green Day shows up at the smallest state in the US to play at a house party filled with high school students."
  • Billie Joe Armstrong: "We had a few day off, so this girl said she would have a party at her house. Her dad had a massive collection of antique bottles in the living room. We knew the would come crashing down, so Aaron, Mike, Sean, John and I put duct tape across all the bottles. John was missing a cymbal stand so this girl who was hosting us took a piece of rope, and people took turns just holding it up. As soon as we started playing, the house just got completely wrecked. That was the first time I ever saw Aaron get really drunk. I urinated from the top of the stairs on this young couple that was getting together for the first time. People were throwing everything out of the refridgerator onto John. So John got naked and wrapped his whole body in Saran Wrap, running around being Saran Man. John was trying to get together with this girl but he couldn't remember her name, so he got a bunch of eggs and walked around to each person going, "Say your name." When you said it, he would smash an egg over his head. Nobody really had any etiquette when it came to dating at the time. There were all kinds of stupid shit. I remember waking up the next day, and someone was running through house with a chainsaw. And there were chickens all over the floor."
  • John Kiffmeyer: "Then, the next night, we had a silly radio show interview, right? So I go surfing and everybody else goes out and eats clamcakes. We're just raging on this fucking state that's about as big as my fucking foot. Then, we're standing at a pay phone 'cause we were gonna call the radio station to see when we had to be there, and there's some punk people sitting next to the pay phone and they were talking about a party and I just introduced myself and said, 'Do you need a band?' And they said, 'Well, we were looking for a band.' And I said, "Well, look. We're from California and we wanna play your party.' They said yes. Three cars, plus our van, drove all the way out this place called Hope Valley and we drove up to this guy's house and there were like three people in this guy's house. And a ton of antiques. There were two kegs, and maybe 20 people, tops. So, we played and then we just basically raged on this guy's house to the point where I remember standing in the living room, completely naked, wrapped in Saran Wrap. Seriously. And they were pouring beer and mustard on my head. And they had this crap up here called [Marshmallow] Fluff, which they don't have in California. [Marshmallow] Fluff is like this shit, it's like marshmallows in a jar or something, and they were pouring it on my head. And this is in the living room, okay? And this is all true. Live chickens are walking around this fuckin' room. I get up, walk upstairs and Aaron Elliott's sitting out in the porch with a big box of Frosted Flakes. We drank the last of the beer and we just bailed the state. We just got outta there. No, actually, I think we went to a show in Providence that night and then we bailed the state. We went to Manhattan and that was it. But Providence... Crazy, man. Fuckin' crazy."
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