Zollman's Pavillion, W&L University in Lexington, VA
January 21, 1993
  • Samantha Vile: "I think on this particular tour they were alone and I only know this because a few dates later they played in VA for $600 in a barn. Booked it a few months in advance from a phone number in MRR which sounds nuts now."
  • kadams: "Well, one friend of mine was a longtime Green Day fan (since skateboarding days of high school, I think) and he and a friend got them to play at Zollman's Pavillion in '93 (January, I think). Granted, they aren't the usual Virginia music scene, but there were a handful of fans there (mostly a group of guys from Baltimore that somehow heard about the show) and then a bunch of people who had nothing better to do on a random Thursday night. It was fun except for the beer cans chucked toward the stage and the fact that Billie Joe (pink hair in full effect) and the boys of Green Day were afraid to play their rendition of 'Sweet Home Alabama' for fear of getting the crap kicked out of them by ungrateful Southerners."
  • FlexMyHead: "...and then in some weird warehouse thing in the outskirts of Richmond at some frat party. At that show I was with two attractive awesome girls who caught Tre Cool's eye, so we went back to their car so they could smoke pot. I'm not a big pot smoker, I just wanted to hang out and talk about East Bay with Tre, but he just wanted to talk to the girls. My other friend got out of the car when pot started getting smoked 'cause he fucking hated being around it. Anyway, Tre told us they were going to call their new record 'Dookie'. It might have been partly the pot smoke, but I laughed for like two mintues and told him that was the absolute worst name to call their first major label record. He said something like, 'Dude, Dookie is hella cool.' So yeah, who is laughing now, Mr. Tre Cool!"
  • 92y: "I set this show up. It was during a tour in 1993. And yes, my alma mater Washington & Lee (dudes wearing nail polish in tiny lil' Lex'?) was the last place on the planet you'd expect to see Green Day play. During their set in a freezing-cold Zollman's Pavilion, they got full beers thrown at them by drunken lacrosse players who had their game caps turned backwards. But to this day, it was the best show I've ever seen them play. They had nothing to fall back on but their music. No dorking around. They just tore through an hour-long set. Pretty much played everything off of '1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours'. It was blistering. The set blistered. I paid them $300 out of my fraternity's social budget. I've never seen anyone so grateful to earn $300 as when Tre Cool took that check. They crashed at my house in Lexington for two nights (we watched Slayer mashup videos - yes, they existed back then on VHS - played darts and drank beer) and then we all went to Richmond together for some shows there. Great guys. Was always so happy to see them hit it big, even if they did kill punk rock... Or at least punch Aaron Cometbus in the ding-a-ling."
Photos from Lexington, VA
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