SSU Commons, Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, CA
March 06, 1992
Other Acts:
Smokin' Rhythm Prawns
  • Steve Koepke: "mar 6 fri Green Day at Sonoma State (no other info)"
  • Sheana Davis: "We had Green Day play in Sonoma for $50, dinner and a place to stay."
  • Jim Swarthout: "Multiple Green Day shows in Berkeley and other N. Cal. venues back in 1991 and 1992. They played mostly small venues (... the student lounge at Sonoma State)."
  • Adam Carson: "I saw AC/DC play at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. And I just remember my ears ringing for like two or three days. I remember it was really exciting and it was a huge rock spectacle, with all the production. It was completely over the top - though it was my first show, so I didn’t have anything to compare it to. What was interesting was, just a couple days later, I went to see Green Day play. So this must’ve been 1990 or ’91 or something. And they played at a small, like, 300-capacity room at Sonoma State. And the shows were sort of night and day, but I remember going from this really big rock show to this intimate punk show. And I remember really getting excited about the Green Day experience, because there was something that felt so intimate, and sort of the exchange between the audience and Green Day on the stage just felt more visceral. I mean, I was 3 or 4 feet away from the band, rather than 200 or 300 feet. So even though that was my second show, that was the show that stuck with me."
  • Oak Leaf: "In the past few years. Bay Area bands have become a force to be reckoned with. Local bands like Primus, Mr. Bungle and Psychefunkapus enjoyed localized success for years before breaking ground outside their local area and exposing the rest of the nation to their talents. Sonoma Slate University’s Associated Student Productions recently promoted a show featuring two bands The Smokin’ Rhythm Prawns and Green Day who are bound to find themselves sprawled at the top of the musical heap, despite their underground influences. ... Green Day is a band complementary to - although completely different than - the almost jazzy 'big shrimp' who opened the show. Green Day is a local punk band that is enjoying quite a bit of notoriety. Their anarchist leanings paired with upbeat vocal styles and wired-up guitars, provide the perfect soundtrack for the 'aggression exorcisms' which Green Day fans love to perform. Lines like 'When I was young / I thought the world circled around me / But in time I realized I was so wrong' (from their song One of My Lies) reach l out to the young, cheerfully militant punk scene which thrives in Sonoma County. Geen Day’s performance had every pair of Doc Martens in the SSU Commons vibrating by the end of the night, and though their set was short, it was packed with a vibrancy that is virtually unrivaled in the local scene. Their set closed with a 'dance contest,' where several members of the intimate, 200 member audience joined the guys onstage for a slam-dance, much to the dismay of SSU security. Both of these bands are recommended for fans of Bay Area rock music. The music of Green Day and the Smokin' Rhythm Prawns is worth much more than the price of a ticket."
Photos from Rohnert Park, CA
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