Coconut Teaszer in Hollywood, CA
November 25, 1990
Other Acts:
Angry Samoans, Pennywise, Rhythm Collision, As Is, Riot Act, The Venations, Cringer, Suplex Slam, The Wild Stares
  • crestonfunk: "I saw them in '91 at the Coconut Teaszer opening for Angry Samoans. I had never heard of Green Day, but they were really impressive."
  • Starline: "It's November 1990, and Green Day are playing their first-ever Hollywood gig, thrown into the middle of a nine-band bill at the Coconut Teaszer."
  • Flipside #70: "...Green Day were great, but I would have enjoyed the show more if the macho fucks running around in a circle, showing off their biceps, swinging their arms around and tagging people didn't show up."
  • 'Metal Mike' Saunders: "...They also played on our crap Sunday gig at Hollywood's Coconut Teaszer, the night after their first Los Angeles gig ever, in Whittier, one of those 10-band pileups. ...And last and definitely least, Green Day's first Hollywood club gig ever - at one of the Sunday night 8-9-10 band pileups where only the headliner got to use their own equipment. Everyone else shared amps/drums. A little into the evening, Larry Livermore and Billie Joe tracked me down, and explained that they needed to play at least one slot earlier in order to get Tre back to school in time the next morning (Monday). So, I tracked down Bill Holdship's brother Barry and convinced him that Green Day needed to swap down on their playing slot. They got Tre to school in time, went on to sell 30 million records, and everyone was happy."
  • Billie Joe Armstrong: "Green Day finally made it to Los Angeles for a gig in 1990. We were roughly ten years too late for a scene that spawned some of the best bands ever. We played the god-awful Coconut Teaszer on Sunset Boulevard. We were all under twenty-one, so we weren't allowed inside the club. We waited our turn outside, sandwiched in between a strange lineup of bands that were trying to get signed on a major label. The stage wrangler hauled us in, and we played our twenty-minute set on borrowed gear. It was a good set, and people were geniunely into it. But before we got a chance to bask in the glory, we were asked to leave. And that was my first impression of Los Angeles. I sat outside on the curb kinda sad. I wondered if maybe Exene and John would walk by and bum a smoke off me. Or just maybe Leonard and Stan Lee possibly caught our set. Or by some weird chance Jane Wiedlin would invite me to a party at the Canterbury... NOPE. None of these things happened."
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