The Garage in London, England
November 01, 2009
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  • Secret show
  • Foxboro Hot Tubs show
  • NME: "Green Day played a super-intimate impromptu show in their alternative guise as Foxboro Hot Tubs in the early hours of this morning in London (November 1). The band put in a chaotic performance at the Relentless Garage in Islington, hitting the stage shortly before 1am, playing to an audience of fanclub members, competition winners and invited guests. The venue had seen a show by poodle rockers Europe earlier in the evening, before shutting down and re-opening its doors at midnight. Arriving onstage dressed in a '60s-style suit, braces and trenchcoat, a clearly inebriated Billie Joe Armstrong introduced himself as his alter-ego The Reverend Strychnine Twist and proceeded to spend most of the show crowdsurfing, spraying and spitting beer into the crowd and addressing the front rows as 'baby girl.' Mike Dirnt arrived onstage smoking a cigarette while Tre Cool, also spraying beer into the front rows, was wearing a leopard print jacket. They were augmented by fellow Hot Tubs Jason White and Kevin Preston on guitar and Jason Freese on saxophone. The garage rock party band then played all the songs from last year's album 'Stop, Drop And Roll'. Green Day fans were in for a treat with a rare of airing of the main band's track Blood, Sex And Booze from their Warning album as well as Supermodel Robots, a track by the band's other alter-egos, The Network. As the night wore on, the band continued to goof around with Dirnt telling the audience: 'The only reason you’re here is you didn’t go to church yesterday.' Armstrong then asked the audience if they supported nearby football team Arsenal, before saying 'my favourite football team is Carling,' and spraying more of the beer into the crowd. With their entire catalogue exhausted after little more than half-an-hour, the band were not letting that put them off. Returning for the encore, the singer announced 'before anything else, we’re going to play the first song over again' - by the end of the show they would have played Stop Drop And Roll a total of six times, each time announcing that they could play it better than before. 27th Ave. Shuffle also got a second airing, and the band filled the rest of the time - close to two hours by the end - with a selection of covers including the Ramones' Blitzkrieg Bop, Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode and 'My Generation' and 'A Quick One, While He’s Away' by The Who, repeating the 'you are forgiven' line over and over again, before playing Stop, Drop And Roll one final time."
Photos from London, England
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1. Stop Drop And Roll
2. Mother Mary
3. Ruby Room
4. Blood, Sex And Booze (Green Day cover)
5. Highway 1
6. She's A Saint, Not A Celebrity
7. Sally
8. Alligator
9. Supermodel Robots (The Network cover)
10. The Pedestrian
11. 27th Ave. Shuffle
12. Dark Side Of Night
13. Pieces Of Truth
14. Stop Drop And Roll
15. Stop Drop And Roll
16. Stop Drop And Roll
17. Stop Drop And Roll
18. 27th Ave. Shuffle
19. My Generation (The Who cover)
20. Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry cover)
21. Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones cover)
22. Red Tide
23. A Quick One (While He's Away) (The Who cover)
24. Stop Drop And Roll
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