Downtown Performance Center in Tucson, AZ
March 13, 1993
Other Acts:
Down By Law, State Of Grace, Spread
  • Cancelled due to Mike Dirnt's injury
  • Nathan Beaver: "I remember that Green Day show that was canceled because Mike hit his head on something and knocked himself out."
  • Andrew Bely: "My band, Spread, had the honour to play there once. We were to open for Green Day but they canceled as their bassist had hurt his head on a goal post that day. 7 people showed up after the news got around."
  • Stephen Seigel: "The Downtown Performance Center hosted about 800 performances in its four-and-a-half year existence. Every show welcomed people of all ages; every show was alcohol-free, and nearly every show had an admission under five dollars. And while Eye was catering to an underground audience for most of these shows, he cites the fact that many of the artists that played there went on to become platinum-selling acts. 'Bands like Green Day would be sleeping in my basement one day,' he remembers, 'and then the next day they're signing multi-million dollar contracts. Everything just transformed; that's the way it goes.'"
  • Brian McDonald: "...Mike ran into a pole headfirst (I think it was a silly little pillow fight with his girlfriend which was the cause of it) and fell on his elbows. After bleeding profusely, he went to the hospital and got stitches for his forehead and casts for both arms which had been broken. Because of that, the band has cancelled all their upcoming shows."
  • Billie Joe Armstrong: "In Irvine, California, Mike's girlfriend was having a pillow fight and, uh, Mike lost. Mike went right into a pole, had six stitches in his head, a whiplash, one broken arm and one sprained elbow. ...We were on tour and Mike and his girlfriend we're having a pillow fight, just joking around like crazy couples do, and he ran backwards straight into a pole and he fell really weird,' says Billie Joe. 'He broke his arm, sprained his elbow, he had six stitches in his head, and he had whiplash. We did get a good song out of it called Pulling Teeth, though.'"
Photos from Tucson, AZ
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