ABC No Rio in New York, NY
May 30, 1992
Other Acts:
Huasipungo, Shrieking Violets, Schlong
  • Michael Bain: "99 percent sure they didn't show up ... Neil [Robinson] was fucking pissed."
  • JGJR: "I remember one in '92 that they canceled. I remember reading that they thought the club had been shuttered or some such thing."
  • hotcrossedout: "Was just talking to someone about Green Day flaking. I seem to remember a lot of that getting hashed out in MRR for better or worse."
  • Brian MacDonald: "Green Day had a promoter who booked shows without the band's permission. ... This could have very well been the same situation."
  • esn36: "I got into a fight with them at Gilman about them flaking on us. They offered to play a free show. I wonder if we can hold them to that now."
  • freddyalva_nyc: "Green Day was one of the last shows I booked at #abcnorio in 1992: We misspelled Schlong on the bill, belated apologies! Thanks for the reminder.
  • Rachel Rinaldo: "...I heard from friends in NYC that you Green Day folks cancelled your show at ABC NO RIO (one of the best places for shows in the entire world) because you said it was a shit place... "
  • BAIN: "I was there for one of those shows that they cancelled. 1992 or 1993, they decided to drive to Boston instead. Neil [Robinson] from Nausea was still booking and I remember seeing Huasipungo for the first time."
  • Shreiking Violets: "This and all later shows: with Tina Lewnes on drums. Green Day (who I'd never heard of at the time) was supposed to play too, but canceled at the last minute; we heard it was because they'd been offered more money to play elsewhere."
  • Neil Robinson: "Green Day was one that I booked and then they didn't show up. They had approached us, and I guess their booking agent had booked three shows on the same day and picked which would be the most popular and didn't tell us. I remember us getting together and I said 'that band's never gonna play in this state again.' [laughs]"
  • Billie Joe Armstrong, Maximumrocknroll #119: "...We didn’t cancel our show at ABC No Rio because 'it was a shithole.' We heard from what we thought were good sources that the place was closing down. So we went ahead and booked another show in the suburbs of Connecticut. Later on we found out that ABC No Rio didn’t close down and we got a fucked up story. (We learned not to believe everything we hear too). So we went ahead and canceled ABC and played the hall my cousin helped us get. We figured it was the best thing to do. As for canceling shows for money reasons? Once again Mykel [Board]... 'You’re Wrong.'"
Photos from New York, NY
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