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Pop Disaster Tour, Darien Lake Performing Arts Center in Darien Center, NY
June 01, 2002
Other Acts:
Blink-182 (co-headliner), Saves The Day
  • Chris: "What can I say? No one can rock an audience like Green Day. After what seemed an eternity of setting up, Green Day took the stage with blaring sirens and red lights. They started with Maria then went into Longview with some fancy pyrotechnics and lighting which caused the crowd to lose their voices early. After rocking the crowd Billie Joe went into an onstage orgasm screaming, 'I'm cumming!' After another song he asked, 'Any classic Green Day fans?' Of course, people who think Dookie was their first album shouted for some dumb reason. I, among others shouted out random song names, so Billie Joe replied, 'It's my fucking band and I'll pick the song!' I was the only one who knew the words to Going To Pasalacqua. After that he went into Knowledge. The people they picked were good except the girl who couldn't even play a simple chord on the guitar. The guy who took over did well and got to keep the guitar. The drummer or bassist got to do a stage dive. They also did a rendition of the song Shout which added to their energy. After a few of their newer songs they went into When I Come Around and finished with torching the bass and Tre falling over his set. With the carnage over and curtain drawn with only Billie Joe remained in front of it under a spotlight he played Good Riddance with lighters blazing the air and the pile of shirts on the ground. Despite everyone's great attempt at getting an encore out of them they left the stage."
Photos from Darien Center, NY
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1. Maria
2. Longview
3. Welcome To Paradise
4. Hitchin' A Ride
5. Brain Stew
6. Jaded
7. Going To Pasalacqua
8. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
9. Basket Case
10. She
11. King For A Day
12. Shout (The Isley Brothers cover)
13. Waiting
14. Minority
15. When I Come Around
16. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
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