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Vans Warped Tour, Coors Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, CA
June 24, 2000
Other Acts:
Jurassic 5, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, Millencolin, MxPx, NOFX, Suicide Machines, The Donnas, Good Riddance, Lunachicks, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Papa Roach, Snapcase, T.S.O.L., Anti-Flag, B-Side Players, Deviates, The Dickies, Flogging Molly, Hot Water Music, One Man Army, Ugly Duckling, Bueno, FM Racket, The Line, My Superhero, No Motiv, Relish, Soulcracker, Userfriendly, The Stingrays, The Toledo Show, Cheap Leis
  • Kyle: "Green Day didn't play any new songs. Great show, but each band, including Green Day, only could play for 30 minutes. I was in front row and took some pictures. Me and some of my friends went there at 10:30 because we wanted to get there early, but the line was really long. We didn't care because we were really hyper. First we went to get lots of free stuff. Then we saw a band called Agent 51 - a kickass local San Diego band. I met El Hefe from NOFX when I was walking around, and was fortunate enough to get his autograph and a picture with him. We saw a band called Papa Roach just because we were bored. Then we saw the Donnas in order to get in front because Green Day were next. After the Donnas, everyone started going crazy and people were pushing each other and yelling. Then 30 min. later, I saw the band that I came to see get on stage, the one and only Green Day! At that time, everyone was moshing and punching and kicking, it was crazy! The ones the stuck out the most were Basket Case, because everyone was singing along, and Knowledge, because he brought up a girl from the crowd to play his guitar."
  • "My friends and I got there early. We walked to the second stage to see Flogging Molly because they were first to play. Then I went to the locals stage to see Agent 51. I really love those guys. Then we left to the first stage 'cause that’s where Green Day was going to play. We slowly made ourselves to the front throughout Papa Roach's, Good Riddance's and The Donnas' sets before Green Day. Right before Green Day took the stage the crowd began to get wild. During Knowledge Billie had the girl that had a self-made Green Day t-shirt play with them. She was OK and then he had her stage dive. In the end, in their true fashion, Billie Joe, Mike and Tre ended up destroying the stage and setting the drumset on fire."
  • MTV: "The group, who dropped out of sight in 1997, closed the daylong concert at the Coors Amphitheatre parking lot with a collection of radio hits. The pit was most intense when Berkeley, Calif.'s Green Day took the stage. The Warped Tour lineups are chosen randomly at each stop, and this time the multiplatinum act played at 5 p.m. But the early set didn't dampen the wild streak of singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt or drummer Tré Cool. The trio opened with Welcome to Paradise, off 1994's Dookie, the album that helped bring punk rock into the mainstream. They continued on a hit parade with tight renditions of Geek Stink Breath, Longview, She and other radio hits. Armstrong, decked out in a red shirt and black tie, performed with intense gazes, but it was difficult for anyone under 6 feet tall to get a good look at the stage. In no time, girls in triangle bikini tops started popping up on guys' shoulders. People in the back kept hopping up and down to get a glimpse of the action. The singer kept things interactive, dividing the crowd in two and ordering the sides to yell 'f--- you' and 'suck my ass' to each other. After that, Armstrong brought up a young girl to play guitar with the band before asking her to stagedive into the crowd. The group closed their eight-song set with the angst anthem Basket Case. 'I'm having a really good time,' said Luis Montijo, 16, of Tijuana, Mexico. 'Green Day was awesome, and I think all these skaters and all these people are great.' While there was hardly any shade during the blazing afternoon and practically nowhere to sit, the tattooed and pierced Warped Tour fans barely complained about anything except mosh-induced cuts and sores. 'I came to see Green Day and they were wonderful,' Ruth Maiten, 24, of Costa Mesa, Calif., said. 'I think this is a good replacement for Lollapalooza.'"
  • "I arrived at the place exactly at noon, and by then the line was already long. I was nervous about my 'casual' look. Everyone had at least nails in their ears, 12" dyed mohawk and Converse shoes. And there I am in Hot Wheels-styled Green Day shirt and Vans shoes. The line moved pretty quick. There were a lot of merchandise booths for all bands - so I bought two Green Day shirts. To kill some time my friend David and I set off to watch Flogging Molly. Since this was my first concert, I wasn't used to the really loud speakers. I was losing my hearing, so we left. I also took pictures with David from the Suicide Machines and singer from Papa Roach, which was cool. After four hours of walking around listening to other bands and watching the skaters, we had to go to the stage, because Green Day would be next. At the stage I saw a guy with pink hair [Timmy Chunks] setting up the stage. We had a pretty decent place to stand, but it was pretty bad, because I was only 5'7''. I couldn't see anyone, but when the crowd screamed, Green Day came on! During Hitchin' A Ride Billie Joe said, 'How are you doing, Chula Vista, or, should I say, San Diego?' After Brain Stew one of the roadies took guitar duties and played Jaded while Billie sang. I thought they were going to play King For A Day, but I guess I was wrong. Before they played Knowledge, Billie told the crowd, 'I want everyone on this side to yell to the other side, 'Fuck off!'' And when they did, the other side gave the middle finger to the other side. And Billie said, 'You know, I don't think they heard you! OK, on the count of three, say, 'Suck my ass!' No, you can't say, 'Suck my dick!' Because not everyone here has a dick!' The left side yelled that and Billie said, 'I think they were louder than you guys, but that's OK. We're all friends here, right? Now, I want all of you to yell, 'Fuck Billie Joe!' at the same time!' They got a girl up to play Knowledge, and then she stagedived back to crowd. After Basket Case Tre set his drums on fire, but then one of the guys put it out before it did any major damage. I thought they were going to play Good Riddance, but they didn't. After they played I quickly went over to the sides to see if I could meet any of them. No one got to see Mike, the guards quickly took him away. I was going to pat him on the back or something, but I was afraid he was going to be pissed. Then Billie Joe came out. He was also escorted by a guard and he kept on walking, so I ran in front of him and took a picture. I literally forced my hand into his hand to shake it. Tre came out, with no guards. I was the first one to come up to him, and I didn't know what to say, so I went, 'Congratulations on your marriage,' and shook his hand. He thanked me. I asked him for a picture."
Photos from Chula Vista, CA
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1. Welcome to Paradise
2. Hitchin' A Ride
3. Geek Stink Breath
4. Longview
5. Brain Stew
6. Jaded
7. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
8. She
9. Basket Case
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