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Vans Warped Tour, E-Centre in Camden, NJ
July 14, 2000
Other Acts:
Jurassic 5, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, Millencolin, MxPx, NOFX, Suicide Machines, Dilated Peoples, Good Riddance, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Snapcase, AFI, A.N.I.M.A.L., Anti-Flag, Deviates, Flogging Molly, Hot Water Music, The Muffs, New Found Glory, One Man Army, Papa Roach, Vision of Disorder, Bif Naked, Bueno, CKY, Copestone, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Line, Reset, Rubber Room, The Stingrays, The Toledo Show
  • Recordings from this show can be found here
  • Kristen: "Being the fan I am and all I went to three of this year's Warped Tour shows to see the boys in action. What can I say, it was incredible - the first one I went to was in Camden, NJ. It was an incredible set. At one point BJ had a towel on his head and was walking around like an old lady. It was adorable. He threw the towel right in my direction and it was mine until some jerk stole it from me. I tried to get it back but it didn't work. Anyway, the show went on and was amazingly incredible. And by the end of the set I was a happy girl again because I got Billie Joe's guitar pick."
  • Darren: "I got to the E-Centre around 12:00 with my sister and dad. The line was huge and the rain started pouring. I previously had dyed my hair green, so it was dripping all over my face. We got in at around 12:15. I went to get a Green Day shirt - the red and white baseball one that said benchwarmer under Green Day. I was kinda bumbed out because Green Day was supposed to play at 6:00 (they ran a little late). But, hey, it's Green Day - anything for them. There weren't any really good bands that were playing at the time, so I just hung out for a while. Finally it stopped raining. I watched a few other bands, I forget who they were. Green Day was supposed to play very soon. I got a good spot for them. Then these guys came out and said, 'Hey, what's up? We're Green Day!' Everyone was cheering and Jurassic 5 came out. I was so mad. Finally after another hour Tre ran out with drumsticks in his hans. He was screaming and so was everyone else. Then Mike came out and went to the microphone and screamed."
  • "I went to the Warped Tour at the E-Center in Camden, NJ on July 14th, it was great. It started to rain a lot around 12:30, but the tour was on anyhow. So after walking around and checking out the other bands I found out that Green Day was playing at 6:00 and it was only 3:30. So I checked out some more bands. NOFX put on a great show but they were like, 'Well, we had to play early because of the good bands like Green Day.' Everyone in the crowd booed, so I screamed, 'GREEN DAY KICKS ASS!' This guy goes, 'FUCK GREEN DAY!' And I go, 'FUCK YOU!' He shut up. So at like 5:30 I went to the stage so I get a good spot and take some good pictures of Green Day. Well, they fucked up the line-up and Jurassic 5 was on at 6:00 before Green Day and the whole crowd kept booing at them and screaming, 'We want Green Day!' Well, that got the rap group really pissed and they cursed us off. But no one gave a shit, they were only there for Green Day. At the stage next to us Mighty Mighty Bosstones played and they sucked. Dickie was like, 'Screw the clock, we're gonna play some more tunes!' They went over the time. So Green Day came on even later which pissed off the crowd even more. So after an hour and a half wait Green Day finally preformed. Billie Joe ran out on stage and they played Welcome To Paradise. The crowd went nuts and pushed froward. I lost my sister in the crowd but she got up close to the stage and took so! me pictures of Billie Joe for me. Green Day put on a great show. They had a guy from the crowd go up on stage and play Knowledge. Billie Joe wore his red shirt and black tie with black pants. Mike looked really good. He played awesome. At the end of their preformance Tre set his drums on fire as usual. Well Billie Joe deciated a song to Anti-Flag who was performing after them. Wapred Tour was great. I had a kickass time. Billie Joe looked so hot. He just gets the crowd going, man. But after awhile people started getting too wild and people were falling left and right and getting stepped on, so Billie Joe (the kind-hearted person he is) told the crowd, 'When someone falls down, pick them up and help everyone around you when they fall.' They played great and their energy made the crowd so hyped after that long wait."
Photos from Camden, NJ
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1. Welcome To Paradise
2. Hitchin' A Ride
3. Geek Stink Breath
4. Longview
5. Brain Stew
6. Jaded
7. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
8. Basket Case
9. Christie Road
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