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The Boathouse in Norfolk, VA
November 09, 1997
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  • Daily Press: 'I bet you guys won't play The Clash,' - barked a caller to WROX-FM Sunday afternoon. 'But that's where all your stuff comes from.' Inside the studio, the three members of Green Day - Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool - laughed about the challenge, then decided to spin something from the 1979 Clash album 'Give 'Em Enough Rope.' As a promotional stunt, the punk-rock trio took over the controls of WROX-FM (96.1) for an hour on Sunday - just before their group's show at The Boathouse in Norfolk. Clad in black leather jackets and chrome spikes, they goofed around on the air and played tunes from their own new album, 'Nimrod,' as well as rockin' cuts from Nirvana and Primus. When their air shift was done, the rockers schmoozed with radio folks and signed autographs for fans. Billie Joe looked somewhat sullen - or maybe fatigued - compared to his manic stage persona. Meanwhile, Dirnt and Cool bounced around the 96X offices acting the part of bratty punks. 'Hmm, Count Mike-ula,' - mumbled Dirnt, the bass player, as he used a Sharpie to sketch long fangs onto the image of himself on a Green Day poster. Later, drummer Tre Cool staggered down a hallway pressing what looked like a syringe to his forearm. 'Could somebody give me a hand with this tourniquet?' - he said. After drinking in the confused expressions around him, he pulled the tube back to reveal a fake needle. Psyche! By the time the Green Day entourage left the station, you saw grapefruit-sized yellow "Nimrod" stickers everywhere - affixed to filing cabinets, gold record awards, doors. I guess this is about as close to anarchy as punk rock gets these days."
Photos from Norfolk, VA
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1. Going To Pasalacqua
2. Hitchin' A Ride
3. Nice Guys Finish Last
4. The Grouch
5. Chump
6. Longview
7. 2,000 Light Years Away
8. Brain Stew
9. Jaded
10. Geek Stink Breath
11. Scattered
12. Prosthetic Head
13. Basket Case
14. Paper Lanterns
15. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
16. F.O.D.
17. She
18. When I Come Around
19. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
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