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Metro Centre in Halifax, NC
October 31, 1995
Other Acts:
The Riverdales
  • Incomplete setlist
  • Moon Man: "Halifax Metro Centre, Halloween Night 1995 - Green Day. even in a large venue, Billie Joe and the gang rocked my face, but I haven't bothered with a show in a large venue since. It just doesn't do it for me."
  • The Coast: "In 1995 Green Day was the biggest band on the planet. Three weeks after releasing double platinum album Insomniac, the trio played Halifax. How could that not blow your teenage mind? 'If you had asked me in 1995,' says Gerry Hubley host of CKDU's Rocket to Russia, ''Who would you like to see come to Halifax?' I'd have not hesitated. Green Day was my whole reason for getting up in the morning. I slept out for tickets and then didn't stop moshing and crowdsurfing the whole time. It was short, fast, fun and amazing, everything punk rock came to mean to me as the years unfolded. The next day my grandmother called my house, telling me that the picture in the Daily News was of me surfing the crowd. I still proudly display that picture of me...no doubt annoying the fuck out of many people below me every chance I got.' Green Day is arguably responsible for a whole new of generation of kids getting into punk rock and attending all-ages shows at Cafe Ole and The Pavilion."
  • James R. Covey: "Hey punk rock kids, Green Day played the Halifax Metro Centre tonight. I spotted Patrick Pentland, Colin MacKenzie and Mel (hi, Mel). Riverdales were Ramones of the night. I said as much to Shelley, 'Pop Explosion' when I ran into her and Mel, and she told me that Patrick said the same thing. So we have a consensus. It was a pretty bad knockoff. As for the headliners, they totally rocked. That Billie Joe is a cheeky lad, huh? Twenty bucks worth of slickly packaged, mildly rebellious fun. Well, I don't know if any gig is worth $20. And I'm sure as hell that no tour shirt is worth $32! Yes, there were shirts for that much. Paper Lanterns seems to have been expanded into some kind of classic rock epic since it was recorded five years ago. There was an amazing pogo pit for Geek Stink Breath, the best I've ever seen. They did excellent versions of the hits, including an especially good version of Longview, which thousands of kids sang along to. The sound wasn't too bad after I moved down from the nosebleed section, no, make that the 'exploding head section', to a seat in the lower bowl. I guess our resident fanboy shan't got to meet the band! I'll let him tell you all about that. You know, I think I'm getting too old and cranky for arena rock. Oh, and feeble. Too feeble."
Photos from Halifax, NC
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1. Geek Stink Breath
2. Paper Lanterns
3. Longview
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