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The Hatch Shell in Boston, MA
September 09, 1994
Other Acts:
The Meices
  • Recordings from this show can be found here
  • Jason Pierson: "Was visiting my friend at Boston college the weekend of this concert. It was the craziest 24 minutes of my life. Was knocked to ground twice... Got up and I closelined a guy then, helped him up. There were people crowdsurfing with metal trash cans and throwing them at people. We went to small bar after concert and watched my friends 300lb roommate they called the 'King' sing Sinatra karaoke. He was good and beer was cheap was amazing night."
  • MyNameis Jonas: "I was there as well. In fact I was right behind Billie when he ran off stage, We got in the bus and fans got out to us somehow and started to rick the bus. We ended up driving 2 hrs out of Boston into this small town in Massachusetts went to a small bar where nobody knew who Green Day was, there was like 3 people there. We scored an 8-ball off a guy in Boston and stayed up till 5am drinking and doing coke..."
  • Ethan: "I was there that night. I participated in the mosh pit but only made it about halfway up from the back. I don't remember the violence, to be honest - I was having a blast dancing to 'Basket Case' and other songs. I seem to remember either Billie Joe or the bassist getting hit with a bottle, followed by him yelling, 'See ya!' and storming off the stage."
  • Barbara Leger: "A friend of mine stumbled across this and said to me, 'Remember when you DRAGGED me to see this band I had no idea who they were?' I dragged her with me because I interned at WFNX since I was 16 and you know, interns go everywhere! Best night ever even thought I have seen then 14 times since. Boston Strong!"
  • Charms434: "What an awesome concert. I was only 11, maybe 10, and the oldest person in our group was 14? I specifically remember Billie Joe ripping up flowers and the cops rushed him and then security rushed the cops and screamed, 'No, no, no, he's in the band!' Then rain and Snapple bottles."
  • cribcage: "Everyone claims to have attended that concert. Now, that's an outdoor venue where capacity isn't really an issue, and I can verify that it really was mobbed and that nearly every subway car I encountered was overcrowded (and fishbowled) — but really, to this day, every time you mention the concert, anyone within earshot will chime in, 'Yeah, I was there.'"
  • fwa: "I remember the show. The pit was going, but the issue were the low barriers between the crowd and the stage, three of them, if I remember right. The crowd and pit pushed over the first and then the second. I don't think Green Day got in more than three songs before the three of them were suddenly pulled off the stage by six or so roadies. I don't remember a flower bed incident, but could well have missed it. I can attest to the drunkenness of at least part of the crowd, though there were a load of 9 or 10 year old kids a bit further back, with their parents. Short but memorable show."
  • Rob: "I remember Armstrong tearing up the flower bed. A cop grabbed him and started dragging him away before a security guard intervened and told the cop he was in the band. And that was the end of that show..."
  • Jed Gottlieb: "My first visit to Boston was in 1994 to see a Green Day concert put on by WFNX. It was just a little road trip from Washington, D.C., to see a free show at the Hatch Shell by a punk band only the cool kids knew about. Turns out there were 100,000 cool kids in Boston. When five times the expected crowd showed up, the police shut down the show after 20 minutes. About the time police were escorting drummer Tre Cool from his kit, I thought, “Wow, a radio station is behind all this mayhem."
  • Katie Jewett: "I was there! It was my first concert, I was 16. I grew up in Chelmsford. I remember Billie Joe saying, 'The cops aren't gonna fucking help you!' In 1994 it was pretty punk."
Photos from Boston, MA
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1. Welcome To Paradise
2. One Of My Lies
3. Chump
4. Longview
5. Basket Case
6. When I Come Around
7. F.O.D.
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