Kennewick Fairgrounds in Kennewick, WA
October 02, 1992
Other Acts:
Dirt Fishermen, Samiam, Maybe Days
  • Melissa Sanford: "I was there!!! Partied in their van.... Billie was a dick then."
  • TheUplist: "Saw them at our fairgrounds here in Kennewick, WA back in '92 (before Dookie). They were playing with punk bands. The drummer sold me their Kerplunk tape while he was eating Little Debbie Fruit Jammers and drinking a Yoohoo. I still don't know where to find Yoohoo in this town."
  • John Book: "I had taken photos of most of the shows I went to here but Green Day, I did not, thinking, 'Eh, they'll be back.' Well... I will forever remember them playing the theme to BARNEY MILLER before they started their set. Would've been nice to take at least one picture but I was stubborn and I lost out."
  • Tim Leingang: "Big show. This was well before they were on a major label. At some point in the middle of the Green Day set, the singer, Billie Joe or whatever his name is was holding the mic out to let people say stupid things. He held it up to my face and I tried to make a farting sound in it. I rushed myself and made a really weak farting noise that didn't even carry over the PA and ended up just getting a ton of spit on the mic. He just pulled the mic away from me and gave me this look like I was the biggest jackass ever. I felt retarded."
  • johmbolaya: "OH! I just remembered a band. This was in 1992, and Green Day played here in a warehouse at the local fairgrounds. That seems funny right there, but at the time I was doing a fanzine and did reviews of most of the local shows. I was a bigger fan of the opening band, a group from Boise, Idaho called the Dirt Fishermen. One of the guys in the band worked at the record store which published a magazine that I wrote for, and he did reviews as well. Anyway, Green Day were just 'the big punk band', they had a name and were very popular but they were very much indie. No one ever knew what they had in store a year or two later, but because they were still an indie back, I ignored them. I sat on the side and watched, but wasn't in the pit taking pictures. All I remember is that when they started they played the theme to 'Barney Miller' and later in the show they played the song from the old Nintendo video game, 'Rad Racer'. Months later, Green Day were signed among the alternative frenzy and you couldn't avoid seeing "Longview" on MTV. Yet unlike a lot of bands who were signed, especially by Warner Bros./Reprise (i.e. Faith No More, The Muffs, Mudhoney, Xtra Large), Green Day are still around, now winning Grammy awards. When I became a member of this board a few months ago, it was great reading threads from people who are bringing their kids (sometimes grandkids) to Green Day shows, or I should say, the kids are bringing their parents. If I had kids, I probably would tag along as well, although trying my best to not act a fool. So there, I saw Green Day when they still played at a fairground warehouse shed."
Photos from Kennewick, WA
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