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Antenna Club in Memphis, TN
January 09, 1993
Other Acts:
Judge Nothing, Amerikan Lesion, Copout
  • Luke Warm: "...I got in a fight on stage with their roadie after my band opened the show."
  • Darrell Blankenship: "Heh, seen these guys open for Green Day 20 years ago at the Antenna Club on Madison... Sold out show of 200 people."
  • Christian Walker: "At the Green Day show they brought out a little trampoline and people we flipping into the crowd. Then Lance Rosenblum, or maybe it was Edgar Tate who did it and landed on his head with a sickening thud. After the show we hung out with Green Day and smoked weed and then they became huge rock stars."
  • Geoff: "A similar thing happened with Green Day. I saw them at the Antenna Club in Memphis for 6 dollars and a year later they were on Reprise, and playing Lollapalooza. While some of the 'punker-than-thou' crowd were very vocal about them selling out, I bet a good 75% bought 'Dookie' anyway, because it was a good fucking record, and it sounded awesome."
  • Joey: "My old band Copout played a show with Green Day back in '93, fucking amazing, it was before they got huge but still about 400 kids came out to the shitty little punk club to see them. Someone brought one of those jogging trampolines to the show and put it on the stage and during Green Day everyone was using it to stagedive. After the show they came over to our house and it was like a circus, they smoked tons of pot, Tre was running around with half a beach ball on his head to some kind of weird cartoon music he put in the stereo. I heard later that they missed their next show because they got too messed up to drive."
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