Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA
September 10, 1993
Other Acts:
Bad Religion (headliner), Rancid
  • April Trout: "On September 10th, 1993 I saw Bad Religion, Green Day, Rancid, and Seaweed at Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA. I was 16 years old, and it was my first concert ever. After that, I was hooked on the punk rock forever! I shaved most of my head, except around the hair line, which was long and blond, [?] small dresses, with ripped nylons, and 18-eye Doc Martin boots. Green Day, Rancid, and Seaweed were never heard of bands, and after that tour, because of Bad Religion, Green Day and Rancid became big. Sad to say Seaweed never made it big (they weren’t that good anyways) after that tour."
  • "I went to the infamous Hollywood Palladium last night to see Rancid, Green Day and Bad Religion. First of all, there were those asswipes selling shitty shirts in line for $10. The best are the people who buy them and throw their money away to some guy who will go buy the new Onyx CD. But even better is the fact that you can no longer chew gum, bring pencils, toenail clippers, wallet chains, or your penis into the Palladium. So you get searched by a metal detector, then a thorough hand frisk. But during Green Day I still saw a six inch blade float by my head to the bouncer. I nearly shit my pants. Anyway, about the bands and crowd. Green Day was pretty good. Through all the bands I was right smashed up against the barricade between the crowd and the stage. Mike from Green Day gave me water after the show and we talked about the whole WB issue. He said they signed PURELY to get better distribution and that they still have complete artistic control. But I still think we will all have to pay $15 instead of $8 for a CD and that is not worth it. But the band still played well and the crowd was into it. The crowd was pretty decent. I don't know how the pit was except for the fact that I was smashed up against the barrier for 3 hours. I occasionally turned around and it looked pretty violent. I got nailed in the head many (too many) times by crowd surfers/floaters/whatever-you-want-to-call them. If it weren't for them I would've actually enjoyed being close to the stage. I didn't see any fights so that was good. The show was overall pretty violent as it usually is on the West Coast or in LA particularly."
Photos from Los Angeles, CA
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