Huntridge Theatre in Las Vegas, NV
September 12, 1993
Other Acts:
Bad Religion (headliner), Seaweed
  • Cavan Scott: "Seen this show when they played Vegas at The Huntridge Theater."
  • ‎Alissa Kelly: "Green Day opening for Bad Religion (that's the first night I met GD and Mike gave me a dime he found on the floor after the show - I still have it)."
  • Rebel Yell: "First on stage was Seaweed straight out of Tacoma, Washington and other northern cities. ...Next on stage was Green Day from Berkeley, California. Green Day is still a real young band. The oldest member of the band is only 21. Their youth didn't show in their set, they sounded like a band who has been playing together for over 10 years, like Bad Religion. Green Day put on a great show and could have easily been the headliners. The one thing that stood out the most about Green Day was that every girl under the age of 20 wanted to meet them, it must be nice to be a modern punk rock star. A quick quaint interview with Warner Bros. newest mega stars: Green Day is a band out of Berkeley, California who have been playing together for about 4 years and have realeased 2 albums and 3 EP's on Lookout! Records. They have a devoted following in the US and Canada with the younger skate rock crowd which if you haven't noticed seems to be the way everyone dresses nowadays. They recently signed to Warner Bros., their new release is called Dookie and hits the shelves in late January. The members of the band are: Billie Joe, Mike and Tre Cool. What made you decide to sign with a major label after having rejected offers from other majors in the past? 'We could only be the biggest selling band on Lookout! Records for so long, also we wanted to make a career move and gain experience.' There was a letter on the back of the 39/Smooth album from an unidentified record label asking you to sign up with them, who was it? 'It was IRS and that wasn't supposed to be on there but our old drummer John put it on there without permission and it started a big fight between us.' How would you describe your new album? 'The same three chords and our best album ever!'"
Photos from Las Vegas, NV
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