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Nite Owl in Pensacola, FL
March 08, 1994
Other Acts:
Tilt, Blount
  • Incomplete setlist
  • gunn3r11: "...Saw Green Day at the Nite Owl in 1994..."
  • Angela Chadwick‎: "Remember when you guys preformed at the Nite Owl in Pensacola. March 1994. After you went to Niceville. I met you at the Coffee Shop. You were carrying mason jars with candles. We hung out at swing. Pretty cool memory."
  • 99percenteks: "I worked the stage for that one. It was crazy! The place was packed and you had idiots stagediving to the CD player. But everybody thought it was funny when I threw that drunk dude off the stage and he drifted for, like, 5 minutes before landing at the back somewhere."
  • modskin: "Green Day/Tilt, 1994, Pensacola, FL: "My first ever show. There were about 25 people there. My friend left her jacket there and we had to go back and get it. We ended up sitting in Green Day's bookmobile tour bus for like an hour. Mike ended up living near me for about 6 months a few years later. Nice guys. 4 years later, Cinder from Tilt would punch me in the face at a show after my buddy grabbed her ass and pointed at me."
  • Tim Dohms: "That time when Tilt and the soon-to-be-wealthy, appearing on the cover of Tiger Beat, Hot Topic darlings Green Day played Nite Owl, couldn't remember any of our names despite having stayed with all of us/hung out with all of us/palled around town with all of us for years... And I happened to be standing on the corner of the stage for the entire set. Here are 3 from that night. Cinder Block is looking at me like, 'Turn off the flash!' You can see Mike and Brian sitting on the other side of the stage."
  • RaygunRock: "I remember one show but not which band for sure that I was at when I my nose just started bleeding because of the heat! Actually, it was Green Day on the Dookie tour at the Nite Owl. Because I have this cut on the inside of my right nostril since I was about 7-8 years old. Well, it got so hot in the pit that it just started pouring out my nose all over my shirt and down to the floor and I guess on anyone who ran into me that I tried to deflect away from me so I wouldn't get any of it on them. And I walked out the front door and the owners like stared at me with gaping dropped jaws like somebody hurt this big guy. So I got outside spitting out blood with my nosed punched and the bouncer, Tiny, asked me who did it and I answered him, 'What?' Because my focus was on all this blood I just couldn't seem to start and he said, 'Who hit you?' Then I understood and said, 'No one.' I just explained to him that when I was a kid living in Spain, me, my dad and my cousin went fishing and we stopped to eat at this restaraunt and I was picking my nose and my dad slapped my hand and I sliced the septum of my nose and it just started gushing. So having everything in the clear nobody had to get in trouble that night. My nose doesn't act up like that anymore now unless I bump my nose. But it's all good."
Photos from Pensacola, FL
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1. Disappearing Boy
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