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Doornrossje in Nijmegen, Netherlands
April 28, 1994
Other Acts:
  • Incomplete setlist
  • BullwinkleCheech: "Yeah, he told me about the show. Most of it was Dookie stuff and pretty comparable to what they had done before. Not really anything worth mentioning except for the remarkable fact that Dutchies (for fuck's sake) couldn't handle some marijuana smoke. He went to both shows. Nothing really special about it. Just the regular stuff at Green Day shows except for the one where Billie broke his ankle. He said that Billie insisted on playing but was accompanied of the stage by security guys. Mike told the crowd they would check it out and left. A few minutes later he and Tre came back to announce the show in Melkweg was cancelled but that they would be back soon."
  • "Green Day at Doornrosje Nijmegen, May 1994: The eve of the big breakthrough. Longview comes Tipparade inside. I didn't bought a ticket. It wasn't even sold. As far as I know, their only concert around that time in the Netherlands. Great. Encore is beautiful. Dookie is the logical sequel to Kerplunk. Everyone's favorite punk classmates. Their strongest song "Welcome to Paradise" fits fine into "Dookie". Even Ernie from Sesame Street is a big fan. The songs are all catchy. Curiously, Longview is the first single. While the album version intro Chump is much stronger. It seemed to me a wrong choice. You fall now so halfway inside. Without knocking the door open. However, it hits you like a bomb. Success that continues with Basket Case. Only then will only put the highlight on single. When I Come Around. The tone is a lot more serious. For me, this will remain a classic. The memory of that hike of about three hours. Lonely in the midnight. VPRO recorded the next Dutch concert at Melkweg. However, Billie Joe Armstrong broke an ankle after tripping over the technician, ending the concert."
Photos from Nijmegen, Netherlands
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1. Welcome to Paradise
2. Longview
3. Chump
4. When I Come Around
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