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El Antiguo in Oviedo, Spain
May 31, 1994
Other Acts:
  • Larry Runner: "I was introduced to Green Day through my cousin Raul. He made me a casette with their first two albums back in 1993. I loved their music, and I still listen to them. And now I have their entire back catalogue with special editions, bonus tracks, etc. Next year they passed through Oviedo. ... Bands like Napalm Death, Ratos de Porao, Wizard of Oz played there in the 90's. We bought ticket in now-defunct record store called Disco. Green Day came here in support of their third album, Dookie. They strongly believed in what they were doing and hit it big. And that's great, regardless of the style you chose. The trio hasn't invented anything new. It was just poppier Bad Religion, but their songs had good hooks anyway. They sold out Antiguo, even though Green Day weren't as famous. There was an opening band called Soonflowers of whom we've heard a lot. We spotted people in Supersuckers and even Pennywise t-shirts. I think I was the only one rocking a Metallica tee. Before the concert, Mary and I were in the Cafeteria Irrigation. I stopped by the bar. I was eating a skewer and drinking beer. Then a thin man with green hair approached me and sat down beside us. He didn't look like a local and spoke with a strong English accent. He introduced himself as Tré Cool. Yes, he was the drummer who came to have lunch with his sound technician. No one even paid any attention to them. But my cousin, who was a huge fan, asked him to sign a photo and a white cloth with the words reading 'Welcome to paradise, Oviedo', a play on Welcome to Paradise'. Tré thanked us and gave his drumstick. He was a lovely and a humble guy who told us that he had just discovered omelette and loved it. Among the many things we talked about, he told us that his girlfriend was pregnant, it was a girl and they were going name her in honor of Ramones."
Photos from Oviedo, Spain
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