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University of New Hampshire, Field House in Durham, NH
December 04, 1994
Other Acts:
Pansy Division
  • University of New Hampshire: "SCOPE UNH brought Steven Wright, Green Day, Thanks to Gravity & George Clinton to campus."
  • Jon Ginoli: "We went up to New Hampshire for a show on Sunday (a pretty lackluster night for both bands), then returned to New York on Monday for the biggest and and last show of the tour - Madison Square Garden."
  • Living On Less: "I shook Billie Joe’s hand. Some fans refer to such encounters as 'meeting' him but I think that's just playing fast and loose with reality. I don't care that I didn't actually meet him and he's not my buddy, all I know is I clasped his damp little hand, and it puts a goofy little smile on my face, even now. It was in 1994. I had gone to see Green Day play at the University of New Hampshire, which was nutty enough in itself since I lived in Texas at the time, but I was happy to go, I wanted to go, and so I went. I had called UNH to get tickets, and they had told me only UNH students could buy tickets, but since I was coming from so far away they would just put me on the guest list. I took the train from Houston to Boston. There was a five hour layover in Chicago, which was nice because I had never been to Chicago. It was near Christmas and there were Santas in the street ringing bells, and a harpist was playing inside a department store. I visited an art gallery, I looked out over lake Michigan, I called Bill from a pay phone in the station. The concert was wonderful of course. Afterward, I saw people line up to go backstage, and I thought maybe my guest list status could grant me some sort of privilege. (It had gotten me in early and I had seen the opening band’s soundcheck.) But no. And being whiny and pushy didn’t help either, go figure. But while I was begging I did see what the backstage passes looked like — big cloth stickers, blue and white, with some stuff scribbled on them — so when I saw one stuck to the floor, after having skulked away forlornly, feeling guilty for having been such a weasely pest, I giddily knew just what it was. 'Backstage' was a dingy room in the basement of the gym. Billie Joe seemed weary but he was gracious to a fault, making polite small talk from table to table. Then he started to leave. I was near the door so I asked him if I could shake his hand, and he was so lovely: he said, 'Oh, sure.' Of course. No problem. Then I lost my mind and said, 'I love you.' Oh, dear God."
Photos from Durham, NH
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