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By Andres / Dec. 13, 2009 /
Today some more details about the upcoming game have been released, with MTV saying the songs will be exportable to Rock Band 1 and 2 - so players of those games can just buy the songs instead of having to buy an entirely new game if they don't want. That option is only for the Xbox 360 and the PS3, Wii users can still buy the game - just not export it to older versions. (Click the image to view a bigger preview)

They've also mentioned the songs will span the bands entire career, and fans will "visit venues and view artwork that is key to their history." I hope Woodstock '94 is involved. That'd be pretty bad ass. A few sites are predicting a late-summer or fall 2010 release.

What are some other things you guys are hoping for? I've seen some people say they hope a "Blue" replica guitar is announced for the game. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet.

It's nice to see such a big announcement with Green Day. Tons of articles have been released about it, varying in opinion about the decision to do it. If you want to read some of these, here's a few.

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