Just to update you guys, there's a week left to enter our audio contest. Record yourself or your band playing a song by The Network or the Foxboro Hot Tubs and then read the details on the contest page on how to enter. Right now we have 19 entries. We'll choose the top 10 then let visitors vote for the winner, who will receive one of the new Pinhead Gunpowder vinyls.

And to scrape the bottom of the barrel of possible Green Day news; we've gotten in a few emails letting us know that Green Day is mentioned in a Verizon ad. Nothing special, a guy is just listing some music he has on his phone and mentions American Idiot and When I Come Around.

Anyone watch the VMA's last night? I only caught a couple minutes (I put on 40-year-old Virgin instead) but I'm kinda glad I didn't have to see Green Day on stage with Paris Hilton (again) and a seemingly sober Britney Spears. Oh yeah, be sure to vote again for Green Day for the EMA's. We were told the nominees would be announced September 29th. Scroll down to the news post from August 28th with directions to vote for them.
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July 2019
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Jul 01:
1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours was released 28 years ago.
Jul 02:
Happy 25 year anniversary to Billie Joe and Adrienne.
Shenanigans was released 17 years ago.
Jul 12:
GDA celebrates it's 18 year anniversary today.