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First off, I'd like to introduce you to our newest team member, Mike Shomaker, a grad-student from Virginia who will be helping us out with content on the site. He's in charge of our weekly newsletter, recapping the biggest stories and filling you in every Friday. Here's a little about Mike from our team page:

"It started with the blue tape in '94. For the nine-year-old hearing "Basketcase" blasting through the stereo that afternoon, it was love at first listen. Since then, Mike has been a HUGE (HUUUUUGE) Green Day fan. But when he's not following the East Bay punk rockers around the globe, he enjoys spending time writing, playing drums and surviving grad school. Mike currently lives in Arlington, VA. Feel free to send him a message and find him on Facebook and Twitter."

With Mike on the team now, we're putting new focus into our newsletter and hope to make it grow and provide a way for those of you who can't keep up with every single thing we post. This week we're going to give away a Minority 7" grey vinyl to one of our subscribers. If you haven't signed up, you need to sign up before the December 24th to be entered. Sign up!

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I'm excited to have Mike join the team and help us provide more stuff for you. Go follow him!
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July 2020
Happening this month:
Jul 01:
1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours was released 29 years ago.
Jul 02:
Happy 26 year anniversary to Billie Joe and Adrienne.
Shenanigans was released 18 years ago.
Jul 12:
GDA celebrates it's 19 year anniversary today.