Cover of Billboard Magazine July 2012
We were able to get our hands on a very limited amount of copies of Billboard Magazine featuring Green Day, which was released earlier this month. Green Day is on the cover, and the article itself is a pretty fantastic interview with the band about the trilogy. It broke a lot of news, which you can read about here.

We got these in for those of you who wanted a physical copy of this issue and weren't able to find one at your local store, or if you're in a country where these weren't for sale. Because it's a back issue it costs a little more than it normally would brand new, it's available for purchase from GDA right now for $11.99 (which is cheaper than Billboard is currently selling it in their online store).

Like I mentioned, we have a very limited amount - so once they're sold out, that's all we got. Because of this we're limiting them to one copy per purchase. We already have these items in stock, so they will begin shipping within 1 business day. So go order your copy right now.
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