Green Day performing at the Echoplex on Monday
Since our initial recap of Green Day's show at the Echoplex on Monday, more information has come forth from the tiny show.

The LA Times did a proper review of the show praising the band's continued energy over the past twenty years.

"Billie Joe Armstrong asked rhetorically midway through the band's surprise show at the Echoplex in Echo Park on Monday night, "You guys wanna hear a hot number?". In fact, they were all hot numbers. Over the course of two adrenaline-soaked hours, bouncers pulled sweaty, overwhelmed fans -- many heat-exhausted from waiting in a thick queue and seeing a big band in a small space -- out of the crowd."

Another well written review can be read over on And if you're in a comical mood, check out this review from LA Weekly. Their journalist couldn't get into the show and tried to buy tickets off people, but ended up failing.

We have posted a few photos from the show in this album of our Picture Vault. Hopefully will post professional photos from the show soon.

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Aside from reviews and photos, we also got a number of new videos from the show, most of which are of new songs. Below we have compiled all of the best quality videos that have surfaced from the show.

One song in particular that stuck out for me was "Stay The Night." This probably isn't the first time many of you are hearing of this song as we first heard a recording from a soundcheck in 2010, and then again at some of the more recent shows. At first I wasn't sold on the song, but after seeing this performance of it I have officially been won over. Actually, the song has been on repeat the whole time I have been writing up this post.

Welcome To Paradise | American Idiot | Nuclear Family | Stay The Night | Oh Love | Dominated Love Slave | Kill The DJ / Let Yourself Go | Knowledge | Longview | Brain Stew / St. Jimmy | Stray Heart | Wild One | It's Fuck Time | Makeout Party | 8th Avenue Serenade

Need to catch up some more? Head on over to our forum, The Green Day Community, where we've been discussing the show since we first got news of it last Friday.
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