American Idiot musical
We got word earlier this summer that members of the original cast for the Broadway version of the American Idiot musical had had a mini-reunion to watch a first cut of an upcoming documentary about the musical. We got a little more information about this film and what we can expect. Here's a little info about the documentary we got from an associate producer of the musical:

"The documentary is still a work-in-progress. It's called "Broadway Idiot" and it combines the story of Billie Joe's journey
from the world of punk rock to the Broadway stage with the actual making of the American Idiot musical. It follows the
musical's progression from very early stages of development, the run at Berkeley Repertory Theater, the Broadway opening,
through to Billie Joe's Broadway debut in in the show in the role of St. Jimmy.

Once completed, they hope to submit the film to festivals."

We haven't heard when they expect for this to be released but as soon as we get anymore information, of course we'll pass it on to you guys.

This documentary will mark the third one currently in production for Green Day. Of course we've talked before about the documentary ¡Cuatro! expected to come out with the release of ¡Dos! which will show the making of the trilogy, as well as another one expected to be released next year sometime showing archive footage of the band prior to their mainstream breakout back in 1994.
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