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Green Day: Rock Band
Harmonix has announced that they are finally releasing more Green Day material for their popular Rock Band franchise. Green Day Track Pack 03 will be available for download tomorrow, September 25th, as DLC. Tracks in this download include:

1. Oh Love
2. Brain Stew/Jaded
3. Good Riddance
4. Warning
5. Minority

Harmonix has answered the obvious question here: Why just "Oh Love?"
"As we've done with several of the Track Pack releases in the past, we wanted to release these Green Day songs as DLC to make them available to as many people as possible. GD:RB was released over 2 years ago and may not be readily available at retail any longer, so offering songs as DLC will give all RB3 and RB Blitz players access to these highly requested tracks. Also, we don't have any other new Green Day content on the schedule, but that doesn't mean we can't revisit once Oh Love is out."

Harmonix has also made it clear that "Oh Love" will not work with Green Day: Rock Band.
""Oh Love" is being submitted as RB3 DLC, which means it's not compatible with pre RB3 titles like GD:RB, RB2, RB1, etc."
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