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ESPN is currently reporting that Green Day's ¡Cuatro! documentary will premiere at X Games Aspen on Saturday, January 26th.

In early December, VH1 aired highlights from ¡Cuatro! which gave the world a forty minute preview of the documentary. You can read our recap of the documentary of what we've seen so far by clicking here.
"The documentary "¡Cuatro!" chronicles an extraordinary year in the life of Green Day. Fresh off a world tour and their trilogy of albums released last year, Green Day has morphed from a garage punk band in the '90s to Tony Award winners for their musical "American Idiot." In "¡Cuatro!", audiences will see the creative process behind their 2012 album trilogy, "iUno!", "iDos!", "iTre!" and follow the band on their promotional tour playing small clubs to test out their new material."

¡Cuatro! screens on Saturday, January 26, at 9:15 pm at the Wheeler Opera House. Head on over to ESPN's website for more details on the event.

If you ordered the limited edition ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre! "ultimate" box set, according to the preorder site, the ¡Cuatro! DVD will be released on January 29th. At the time of posting this, I believe that the only way to obtain ¡Cuatro! is if you ordered the box set meaning that the documentary will not get a separate release.
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