Spy Rock Memories
Over the past few years we've posted quite a bit about Larry Livermore's web series, Spy Rock Memories, that has included stories from Green Day's beginnings and Larry's history with Tré Cool. What most don't know, though, is that over the past two years, Larry has been working hard rewriting the original installments and turning Spy Rock Memories into a book.

Yesterday, Rolling Stone released new information about the upcoming Spy Rock Memories.
"They were barely getting started – this might have been their third or fourth show ever – but I'd seen and heard all I needed to. They were like a modern, updated, punk rock version of the Beatles. They could seriously be that big, I caught myself thinking. Crazy talk? Of course. Yet at that moment it made perfect, undeniable sense."

While the Rolling Stone article focuses mainly just on the Green Day and Lookout Records aspects of the book, Spy Rock Memories is much more than that, as Larry Livermore describes in his latest blog post.
"Although both those things [Green Day and Lookout Records] play a significant part in the story, it’s not a music book per se. In fact, the bulk of it focuses more on a hapless city slicker (that would be me) who bumbles his way into the wilderness without the faintest clue of how to survive there, and has to learn for the first time in his life to take care of and be responsible for himself."

Larry Livermore's Spy Rock Memories is set to be released on June 20th. Head on over to LarryLivermore.com now to read the unrevised first chapter of Spy Rock Memories now.
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