The Foxboro Hot Tubs just finished playing two shows in Austin, TX. View photos, setlist and more for each show: March 14th and March 15th.
Trilogy-themed promo guitar picks
We're back with a new set of featured eBay items for your buying pleasure (you should buy them). Back in November when ¡DOS! came out, record stores starting getting the vinyl version of the album on their shelves. When you bought the ¡DOS! vinyl, you received some special promo items: stickers, a small poster, a lithograph, and a set of guitar picks (if you were lucky). These guitar picks are double-sided, with one of the guys' faces on the front, and the appropriately-colored "GREEN DAY" logo on the back. In each small bag, you get three guitar picks, one for each album of the trilogy.

As mentioned above, the guitar picks were only given out when you bought a trilogy vinyl at record stores, and are not for sale anywhere else. They are fairly reasonably-priced on eBay. Here and here are two different auctions, both for one set of trilogy stickers and one set of guitar picks. Here is a separate auction for just one set of the guitar picks. Go crazy!
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1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours was released 24 years ago.
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Happy 21 year anniversary to Billie Joe and Adrienne.
Shenanigans was released 13 years ago.
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GDA celebrates it's 14 year anniversary today.